Fans Are Accusing Sofia Richie Of Copying Kourtney Kardashian AGAIN

Over the long weekend Sofia Richie, 19, celebrated her boyfriend Scott Disick’s, 35, birthday. The two took a lux vacation to St. Barts and it looked the like the two spend most of their time sunning and swimming. Richie posted a handful of bikini-clad photos on her Instagram and now Kourtney Kardashian fans are accusing her of copying Disick’s baby mama.

Kardashian is the queen of vacation photos. She is practically nomadic at this point she travels so much. Richie may have gotten a little inspiration from Kardashian’s photos and can you blame her? Kardashian knows how to werk a bikini. Fans are commenting on Richie’s photos calling her out for copying Kardashian or simply just posting the snake emoji.

For example, Kardashian on a paddleboard in Turks and Caicos.

Richie on a paddleboard in St. Barts.

And another photo of Richie mimicking Kardashian’s paddleboard pose.

Kardashian running out of the water while touching her hair.

Richie walking out of the water while messing with her hair.

Kardashian lounging in a thong bikini in Mexico.

Richie doing practically the exact same thing.

Even Kardashian’s swim style isn’t safe. Over the holiday weekend, Kardashian hosted multiple pool parties which meant lots of bikini pics. All weekend she was wearing sporty reflective sunglasses.

On Richie’s St. Bart’s trip she wore similar sunglasses with black frames as opposed to Kardashian’s white.

There is no telling who owned the pair of sunglasses first. Kardashian posted a photo of her wearing the white shades on May 7, while this is the first post of Richie in the reflective sporty lenses.

This isn’t the first time Richie has been accused of copying Kardashian. In January Richie dyed her blonde hair a dark brown. She was accused of trying to look like Disick’s ex. There are plenty of shades of brunette Richie could have dyed her hair but she settled on a dark chocolate color reminiscent of Kardashian’s.

Between the hair and the vacation pictures, it seems like Richie is trying to cop Kardashian’s style.

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