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Here’s How To Find Your Perfect Dating App










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Let’s get real–the internet has changed the dating landscape for good. While I am still a strong believer in the good ole’ introducing yourself to the cutie in your biology lab, dating apps can be a fun way to get yourself out there. However, when you search “dating” in the Apple Application Store you get thousands of hits. So if you are looking for a night of fun or a full-blown commitment–we are here to help you find the perfect app to launch the next stage in your love-life.



With an estimated 50 million plus users, Tinder boasts an impressive 12 million match average per day. Preference settings are limited to distance from your current location, age, and gender so Tinder can sometimes feel as though all the fish in the sea have been dumped in your lap–and let’s face it–some of them stink.

Pro: Most popular dating app–so many options!

Con: If you swipe left on someone (not interested) you can not get them back (unless you invest in Tinder Premium)–so swipe carefully.



Similar to Tinder in its core makeup as this app is location-based and users swipe right for yes and left for no, Bumble differs in one key way–only females can message first (this function is eliminated for same-sex matches). This, in heterosexual couples, cuts down on the number of sleazy messages women receive from men as well as tells men which women are truly interested.

Pro: A whole lot less “sup?”

Con: But seriously, thinking of witty openers can be a lot of pressure.



“Hinge is where relationships start” claims the app. Hinge narrows your selection pool by only letting you pick from people with which you have mutual Facebook friends. This kicks the seriousness of your dating search up as it displays a good amount of information like your full name, where you work and where you go to school–also you have a friend(s) in common!

Pros: Great if you like to date within your social circles or general status level.

Cons: Way more likely to match with on your ex-boyfriends’ older brother’s roommate if you know what I mean. *cringe*



If you cross paths with another user, their profile will appear for you to like or not like. The tech has it down to what street you passed on and how many times you have been in the same area. Therefore, when you walk past that cutie on the L train again maybe Happn can help you make it…happen. Sorry, I’ll see myself out now.

Pros: When you match with someone, it is because you already have common ground–you may go to the same gym or even be neighbors. First date talk: simplified.

Cons: Raises the stalker potential exponentially.



Meghan’s friends set her up with Harry–do you trust your friends to find you your prince? Wingman lets your friends take over and go through the eligible pool for you. So if you think your friend knows you better than you know yourself, Wingman can be super fun date-searching for both you and your BFF.

Pro: If your friend picks a profile, it is immediately sent to you–so you get to chat up the babe they have picked.

Con: Hope your friend has a good sense of your type because they are doing the first level of eliminating for you!

Coffee Meets Bagel


This app is designed to help you find the one. This app uses your inputted hobbies, age, education and the loads of other info Facebook has on you to find you one personalized match a day. Your move if you want to say hi.

Pro: Coffee Meets Bagel does all the swiping left and right for you–just sit back and wait for your potential partner of the day.

Con: Don’t like today’s match? Too bad–you have to wait until tomorrow for a new one!

No matter what dating route you decide to take, always remember to stay safe and have fun out there!


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