Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Got More Matching Tattoos

Yesterday Ariana Grande shared on her Instagram story the new ink she got. The video shows Grande’s hand and her BFF Courtney Chipolone‘s new matching tattoos that say, “H2GKMO.” In the video, she wrote “4ever” and tagged Davidson, Brian and Scott Nicholson implying that they all got matching tats.

The acronym stands for, honest to God knock me out. It’s unsure what the acronym means to the group of friends, it’s probably an inside joke. Grande and Chipolone got the tattoo going down their right thumb.

It’s not shocking that Grande and Davidson got matching tattoos because they’ve done it before technically. Remember way back when in mid-May, when Grande and Davidson dating rumors started? Those rumors were further fueled when Davidson posted a photo of himself on May 17 showing off a mini cloud tattoo on his left middle finger.

This cloud tattoo matches one that Grande already has. A cloud is also a popular emoji that Grande likes to use.

On top of matching ink, Davidson has a few tattoos in honor of Grande. On June 2 it was posted that Davidson got Grande’s initials tatted on his right thumb and her iconic black bunny ears behind his left ear.

The two made their relationship public on May 30 and it’s been fast-moving ever since. The couple is already engaged. They haven’t confirmed it, but many of their friends have.

Grande revealed the tracklist for her upcoming album Sweetener and there’s a track named after Davidson. A fan called her “dumb” for falling so quickly for the Saturday Night Live cast member. Grande responded and held her ground against the hater.

Hating on Grande and Davidson isn’t going to stop them from being in love, so might as well celebrate them instead of tearing them down.

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