Pete Davidson Confirmed He’s Engaged To Ariana Grande

Last night Pete Davidson FINALLY confirmed that he did put a ring on it. Davidson went on The Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon joked that he “didn’t have to get engaged to Ariana Grande to come on our show.” Davidson laughed and with the biggest smile retorted, “But I did though.” Cue the crazy applause.

On June 11 it was rumored that Grande and Davidson were engaged. It didn’t help that Grande was seen with a huge diamond ring on her left ring finger that weekend. The couple didn’t confirm or deny the rumors, but a few of their friends did.

Davidson continued to joke that he “won a contest” and guys are impressed someone like him could end up with someone like Grande. “It’s so funny walking down the street cause, like, dudes are walking by and they’re like…” then Davidson tips his hat. “Like you ever see that Derek Jeter commercial where he was, like, retiring and everybody just tips his hat? It feels like that,” Davidson said.

“Some dude came up to me and was like, ‘Yo, man. You, like, give me hope,'” Davidson added. Then Fallon cornily adds that the couple should get married on the show.

During the middle of their interview, Fallon notices his Grande tattoo behind his ear. Davidson jokes that everything he does now is huge news because Grande is such a big star.

On June 2, three days after making their relationship Instagram official, Davidson got two tattoos in honor of his now fiance. One of her initials on his right thumb and another of her Dangerous Woman bunny ears behind his left ear.

Fallon noticed the bunny ear tattoo and joked he has seen it on the news, but never in real life. At some moments you can see the tattoo as well.

We don’t have any wedding details for the two lovebirds. Who knows if they’re going to stick with their current relationship pace and get hitched tomorrow or have a lengthy engagement.

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