Once Again Sofia Richie Is Accused Of Copying Kourtney Kardashian







Once again Kourtney Kardashian fans are accusing Sofia Richie of copying the mother of three. Right now Kardashian has been on a lavish Italian yacht vacation. She’s been posting countless vacay photos that would make anyone envious. Richie and her boyfriend, who is also Kardashian’s ex, Scott Disick just kicked off their summer vacation in Greece and it looks like Richie is pulling some inspiration for Kardashian’s Instagram. Do we blame her? Kardashian is the queen of vacation Instagrams.

Richie posted a photo of herself wearing a brown triangle bikini top with high waisted wide legged black pants. She’s standing on a deck overlooking Mykonos.


Fans noticed that Richie’s pose looks similar to photos Kardashian has been posting. For starters, the location and composition of the shot are similar to one that Kardashian posted. In the photo, Kardashian is standing in a bra top with a suit at the edged of a deck overlooking the cliffs of Positano.


Richie’s pose looks eerily like a pose Kardashian struck while roaming the streets of Rome. Both women are even look in the same direction over their shoulder.


Some fans think Richie’s brown bathing suit top looks similar to one Kardashian wore the other day.


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This isn’t the first time Richie has been accused of copying Kardashian. She’s even been accused of copying vacation photos before!

At the end of May, Richie and Disick went on a trip to St. Barts for his birthday. Like anyone would, Richie posted a bunch of pictures from their trip on her Instagram. But fans accused her of mimicked photos from Kardashian’s recent trips.



The first time Richie was accused of copying Kardashian is when she dyed her hair a dark chocolate brown, similar to Kardashian’s. This isn’t the first time Richie went dark with her hair color, so personally, I think the hair color switch is just a coincidence. But the vacation photos are another story.

What do you think? Is Richie copying Kardashian’s vacation photos?

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