All Kylie Cosmetics Beauty Collections Ranked

With a following of 16.5 million, Kylie Jenner‘s cosmetics line Kylie Cosmetics is no joke. With only two years in the making, Jenner now has a net worth of $386 million all thanks to her beauty empire. Within the first 18 months of the brand’s launch, Kylie raked in a staggering $420 million in retail sales alone.

At the moment, Jenner is focusing on her upcoming birthday collection, the Summer x Kylie. There will be new matte lipsticks, a new Candy K formula, some holographic glosses, and an eyeshadow palette, which will all be available Friday, July 13.

In honor of Jenner’s new collection coming out, we decided to rank all six Kylie Cosmetics collections from our least fave to our ultimate fave!


The Weather Collection was inspired by Jenner’s first child, Stormi Webster. The collection is full of bold colors such as yellow, purple, envy and baby blue. Bright yellow is the star of this collection. Ranging from the gel eyeliner pot, loose powder highlighter, an eyeshadow shade in Eye Of The Storm, the color makes its debut. Not to mention, most of the products in the collection have yellow in its packaging. This is number six on our list because yellow is a hard color to pull off, and you have to be an ultimate risk-taker to wear some of the products in this collection. It is definitely not the everyday look but is fun to wear when you’re feeling frisky.


We are in love with the KoKo, literally. This collection has an array of liquid lipsticks, glosses and an eyeshadow palette. The colors are mostly shades of bright pinks, nudes and reds. Even though we think the colors in this collection are very wearable, they seem very similar to Jenner’s other colors in her lip kits. There is also only one eyeshadow palette, which features gold, pink and nude. We still love it, though!


Even though this collection only has these four creme liquid lipsticks, it was an ultimate favorite of fans. It is four different shades of nude and has sheer to medium coverage that can be built based on your desired lip intensity. The unique créme formula contains moisturizing and hydrating ingredients that glide on for a luxurious and creamy finish. It also gives a natural sheen while feeling ultra lightweight on the lips, which is what our lips need! The downside of this collection is that it is only made up of these four lipsticks. If there was more to this collection by the two beauty gurus, it would be much higher on our list. Rumor has it that Kim and Kylie are trying to collaborate again! Can we get a hell yeah?


Finally! Kylie did a collection with her mom, Kris Jenner. The Kris Kollection has a lot to offer. Kylie has never had a creme lipstick in a collection before, or a face palette. It also contains a mini lip set with 8 different shades ranging from bright red to light pink. Our favorite part of the collection is probably the eyeshadow palette, with 12 pressed powder eyeshadows to create the perfect smokey eye. This collection not only has a range of products, the colors are also very wearable. Talk about a game changer!


The KOURTxKYLIE collection was said to be Jenner’s hardest collaboration to date, but man was it worth it. The collection is Jenner’s favorite due to the matching eyeshadow palettes and velvet lipsticks. It has three eyeshadow palettes – a pink, a blue and a green, which give the eyes a nice shimmer. The velvet lipsticks come in a bright tangerine, a soft nude pink, and a warm deep pink. The palettes and lipsticks match perfectly according to the bundle they are in. Not only that, but these colors are really the most wearable of all of the collections Jenner has ever created. It makes the most sense since Kourt is the most subtle out of the Kardashian-Jenner group!

Do you agree with our ranking? Let us know in the comments below.

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