Kylie Jenner & Selena Gomez Are The Top Paid Celebrities On Instagram

It’s not surprising that celebrities get paid a pretty penny to post advertisements on their Instagrams. But the amount celebrities charge is unbelievable. One Instagram post for them could be double or triple your yearly salary. Prices vary from celeb to celeb and there is more than just following that comes into play. Their Instagram engagement is a factor, that’s how much their fans like and comment on their posts.

Not shockingly Kylie Jenner tops the Instagram list of highest paid celebrities. The youngest Kardashian-Jenner has the top two most liked photos on Instagram ever. Her first photo of her daughter Stormi Webster grabbing her photo has over 18 million likes. it’s the first photo to ever achieve this.

Women’s Wear Daily reported on the list that Hopper HQ compiled of the highest paid celebrities on Instagram.

1. Kylie Jenner

Pay: $1 million
Followers: 111 million

To get on Jenner’s feed you better be ready to drop a cool million. Her social media alone made her a billionaire because it’s where she promotes her own makeup line Kylie Cosmetics. On top of being almost a billionaire, she has the top two most liked photos.

2. Selena Gomez

Pay: $800,000
Followers: 139 million

Gomez is the most followed person on Instagram but the second-highest paid on the app. To get some promo love from Gomez you’ll have to fork over $800,000. She basically invented paid Instagram photos with her iconic and controversial Diet Coke photo. That photo was once the most most-liked image on the app.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

Pay: $750,000
Followers: 137 million

Ronaldo doesn’t play when it comes to Instagram. It’s going to cost a quarter of a million for a paid post on his feed. He has a loyal following that racks him in likes and cash. He has three photos in the top 10 most liked posts on Instagram, which is tied with Kylie Jenner.

4. Kim Kardashian

Pay: $720,000
Followers: 114 million

Kardashian comes in at number four on this list for $720,000 per paid post. The businesswoman has more followers than Kylie but gets paid more than a quarter million less than her for ads. It may have something to do with the fact that none of her photos are in the top 10 most liked posts.

5. Beyonce

Pay: $700,000
Followers: 116 million

Beyonce doesn’t do paid ads often on her Instagram, but when she does it’s going to cost a pretty penny. Don’t expect the singer to post any ads for less than $700,000.

6. Dwayne Johnson

Pay: $650,000
Followers: 111 million

The WWE wrestler turned movie star won’t be posting your ad unless you’re ready to pay him $650,000.

7. Justin Bieber

Pay: $630,000
Followers: 101 million

Bieber rarely posts ads but if he does it’s going to be putting $630,000 in his pockets. I wonder if Hillsong paid him to post?

8. Neymar da Silva Santos Junior

Pay: $600,000
Followers: 100 million

The Brazilian soccer player gets paid $600,000 per Instagram ad. Must be nice!

9. Lionel Messi

Pay: $500,000
Followers: 97.3 million

Messi is the third and final soccer player in the 10 highest paid celebs on Instagram. The soccer star gets paid half a million for a paid post.

10. Kendall Jenner

Pay: $500,000
Followers: 93.1 million

Kendall rounds out the end of the list with $500,000 per paid post. She matches Messi’s price but he has 4.2 million more followers than her, which is why he comes before her.

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