5 Reasons You Need To Stop Comparing Yourself To Celebrities, Right Now.
















Whenever Kylie Jenner posts a “natural” photo, you felt a hot wave of jealousy shoot through your body–why don’t I look like that without makeup??? Well, here are a few simple reasons and, more importantly, why you need to stop comparing yourself to celebrities.

1. Celebrities Are Paid To Look Good


Being in shape, clear-skinned and beautiful is literally a part of most celebrities’ jobs. When hired for a movie or preparing for a photoshoot, exercise and diet is a part of their job description. Therefore, while you make your living at a desk, theirs is largely dependent on their looks. That lends itself to hours in the gym, personal chefs ensuring they stick to their strict diets and professional skincare. If you had an entire team devoted to your looks, you would be a 10/10 too.

2. “Natural”


Let’s return to that “natural” celeb selfie, shall we? Eyelash extensions, botox, fillers, fake tan, dyed hair and countless other options for unnatural alterations. There is nothing wrong with changing your body–but do not expect yourself to look like someone who has had expensive and extensive alterations when you haven’t. Money and puberty are not the same thing. Just because you did not gain three bra sizes in high school does not mean you were supposed to.

3. We Only See What They Want Us To See


Social media has created an allusion of honesty between stars and their fans. In reality, celebrities only post the photos they want us to see–the ones where they look happy and beautiful. Almost no one posts Instagrams where their hair looks bad or their stomach is bloated–celebs included. Oh yeah, and photoshop and filters are liberally used by celebrities so a lot of the time you are not even seeing what they truly look like.

4. Comparing Yourself To Others Is Damaging


Comparing yourself to others instead of appreciating your own beauty and abilities is detrimental to your self-esteem. It is normal to appreciate the beauty of others, however, do not use this as an excuse to tear yourself down. Instead, learn to love your own body and self–and using this to help others be empowered as well.

5. You’re Amazing


Stop comparing yourself to others because you yourself are awesome! Whether you believe it or not, you are beautiful yourself, with or without makeup and Instagram filters.

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