Josh Peck Girlfriends 2022: Who Is He Dating Now?

Josh Peck became a household name thanks to the Nickelodeon show Drak & Josh. But since the show wrapped Peck has been doing more than just acting, he’s been also focused on his YouTube channel.

The 31-year-old’s channel has over 1.5 million subscribers and he posts videos weekly. His most watched video has over 10 million views and it’s when he and Drake Bell reunited at the VMAs. The reunion happened after Bell wasn’t invited to Peck’s wedding. It didn’t help that Peck’s former co-star John Stamos inserted himself into the drama. People thought there was bad blood between the two, but don’t worry they’re still brothers.

This video has a huge jump in views compared to his second most watched video that only has 3.2 million hits.

From child star to YouTube star, Peck has had a dynamic career. Despite spending his days vlogging and acting he still has time for a love life. Check out Peck’s dating history below.

Kelly Louie 2005-2006

Peck supposedly dated Kelly Louie for a year. There isn’t much information about the couple considering Louie isn’t famous.

Famke Janssen 2007

Co-stars Peck and Famke Janssen were rumored to be dating in 2007. The two were in The Wackness together but never confirmed their relationship. At the time of their rumored fling, Peck was 21 and Janssen was 43. Janssen is a Dutch actress who is famous for playing Jean Grey in the X-Men Trilogy.

Hanna Beth 2009

Hanna Beth and Peck were rumored to be together during 2009. The two were seen out multiple times which caused dating rumors. Beth started blogging in 2006 on MySpace and has since parlayed her early internet success into becoming an influencer. She won the second season of E!’s fashion competition show House of DVF. She was engaged to Chris Zylka briefly in 2014. The two had a messy public break up. Zylka is now engaged to Paris Hilton.

Paige O’Brien 2012-Present

Peck and Paige O’Brien started dating in 2012. They were together for four years before Peck popped the question. They got engaged in March 2016 while on a trip to Pais. The two tied the knot almost a year later on June 17, 2017. Peck posted a vlog of their wedding on his channel. It currently has 2.9 million views


Josh Peck is happily married to his longtime girlfriend Paige O’Brien, they have been together since 2012.

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