Jeffree Star Exposed For Sending Racist Texts About Jackie Aina

The beauty YouTube community has no chill lately. There has been so much drama in the community it’s hard to keep track of who’s canceled and who said what. Most recently a group of beauty vloggers was under fire for old racist tweets. Fans dug up receipts of Manny MUA, Nikita Dragun, Gabriel Zamora and Laura Lee because they were throwing shade at Jeffree Star and his racist past.

Now Jeffree is in the center of another racist beauty controversy. Are you shocked?

Jeffree’s former hairstylist, Daved “Scissorhands” Munoz is reading receipts on the makeup artist for racist texts he sent about fellow YouTuber Jackie Aina.

Daved went on his Instagram story to air out the receipts. In his story, he talked about being honest and “injustice” of certain people in the industry. He then said he found his old cell phone and is ready to share some stories.

He then posted, “I’m about to Omarosa the truth cis” and said the beauty industry has been “Trumped.” He then shared text screenshot between him and someone, who everyone is assuming is Jeffree. The texts are about someone named Nicole, who everyone is assuming is Lipstick Nick.

He then kept alluding to Jeffree in his story saying that he isn’t scared of the beauty guru even though he has ended other people’s careers who have tried to air him out for problematic things. Daved then goes on to say that even though Jeffree blocked him the truth about Jeffree’s cheating and racist comments will come out. He then compared Jeffree to Regina George from Mean Girls.

Daved then writes that Jeffree has bullied him and he’s sick of seeing it happen. “And I’m sick and tired of people believing in something [and] someone and coming to battle for an individual when they have no idea how chaotic and how cruel that individual is,” Daved wrote on his story. “I’m not here for friends [I’m] here to make great hair and be able to choose who I can and can’t work with. Silence can’t afford me.”

Daved then shared another screenshot of texts between him Jeffree from February 2018. This time Jeffree’s name is visible. In the texts, he’s bashing Nicole and Juicy, another hairstylist. Daved shared another text conversation between them where Jeffree calls another person in the industry a rapist and a rodent.

You can see all the early Instagram stories and screenshots below in the Here For The Tea YouTube video.

After these initial Instagram stories, Daved posted on his Instagram story again to go through his old texts with Jeffree from his old phone. The texts he shows between him and Jeffree are racist and are about Jackie.

The texts are from August 2017 and start with Daved asking Jeffree why he unfollowed him on Instagram and if he’s mad at him. Jeffree responded:

“If you want me to be really honest, it’s because you straight up told me you only did Jackie [Aina]’s hair the first time because you really needed the money, which I totally respect. I would never judge someone for accepting a job to put food on the table…But I found it personally insulting to have my Paper magazine photos on your Instagram and then have her disgusting face next to those lol…I just thought it was unnecessary to post that monster but it’s not my page and I didn’t want to say anything because it’s really not my business…But it is my choice whether or not I want to look at her, and she really effected [sic] my life in a horrible huge way for weeks, and did damage to me so I don’t want to look at her ever again.”

In April 2017, four months before the above text was sent, Jackie uploaded an anti-haul video of brands or products she doesn’t purchase and why. Jeffree’s brand was part of the haul, and her reasoning for including his brand was for his past racist remarks and actions, and his beef with MakeupShayla. After this vlog Jeffree blocked her.  Her video wasn’t a bashing fest, she just spoke of the facts of his past racist remarks.

Again, Here For The Tea made a video about their low-key beef.

Back to Daved’s 2017 conversation with Jeffree. After his long text, Jeffree sent another text saying seeing Jackie’s face makes him nauseous, but he has “no hard feelings” towards Daved. Daved apologized to Jeffree but said his fans love that he does Jeffree’s hair and Jackie’s hair and that it shows he has range.

“I want a platform to showcase my work and show these people I can do all types of hair,” he wrote to Jeffree.

Fast forward to September 2017, Jeffree asks Daved if he’s “done posting that gorilla? Would love to follow my friend again lol.” On top of calling Jackie a gorilla, which is racially coded language, in the following text he misused pronouns and called her “he” therefore making a trans joke and being transphobic.

Daved responded that he took down Jackie’s photos on his feed, so Jeffree refollowed. In the video, Daved said he is disgusted by his actions. In another Instagram story, he wrote that he lived in fear of Jeffree, which is why he complied with his request and that he feared to work with people Jeffree didn’t like.

Someone screen recorded Daved’s story and posted it on Twitter, and it has since gone viral.

After the texts went viral Jackie tweeted that she is dealing with some family issues, her grandmother passed away. She tweeted that she wants to be surrounded by family and is waiting to speak on the beauty community drama so that she isn’t speaking from anger.

“But not using every curse word in the English language and saying what I really want to say in response to all of this is one of the most challenging things I’ve experienced,” she wrote in a follow-up tweet.

After the texts went viral, Jackie made her profile private, a move to stop hate tweets from Jeffree’s fans from flooding in.

Jackie has responded to some fans who tagged her in the drama. A Jeffree fan defended the vlogger by saying he and Jackie just don’t get along and there’s nothing wrong with that. Jackie responded:

“Gurl….not “getting along” with someone and being flat out racist are two completely different things, Your fave doesn’t like any black woman who refuses to worship him. This has been proven time and time again. Gorilla and N****R are racist terms. Wake the hell up.”

The fan responded saying they aren’t a fan of Jackie, but respect her but that they also don’t think Jeffree is a racist. Jackie replied:

“I don’t personally care how you feel about me, knowing you feel comfortable supporting someone who refers to Black people as n*****s, gorillas, rats, and uneducated tells me your judgment is flawed. Your opinion of me is not my business at all. Enjoy your day.”

Jeffree, on the other hand, said Daved is desperate for attention and money, and the things he is posting are fake. He also said that Laura Lee hired Daved to make up these stories to “distract from their fake apologizes” circling back to the original drama with him, Laura, Manny, Gabriel and Nikita. He has since deleted these tweets.

What do you think of all this new drama?


Jackie Aina has since made her Twitter public once again. She also addressed Jeffree Star’s racist comments about her.

She tweeted at Star directly and wrote, “I have not and will not excuse [Jeffree Star’s] blatantly racist behavior–not his past references to me in derogatory terms, his continued use of the N word, nor his efforts to eliminate spaces and opportunities for people of color.”

Jackie went on to tweet that she will not be addressing this issue in the future and won’t be forced to forgive Jeffree.

She tweeted that she’s fully aware a “smear campaign” could happen soon for her coming out as against Jeffree. It’s something many of his other haters have endured thanks to his loyal fanbase.

What do you think about Jackie’s statement?

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