The #QuarantinePillowChallenge Has Taken Over Instagram

When you’ve binge-watched all your fave Netflix shows, tried TikTok beauty tutorials, completed many puzzles, and even resulted in texting your ex – there is almost nothing left to do during Quarantine.
Enter: the #Quarantinepillowchallenge! Fashionistas all over Instagram are taking style inspiration from their bedroom by belting pillows to themselves and calling it a “dress.” While your first thought might be “WTF? that’s weird.” You have to admit that these are lowkey chic looks!
Wondering how this hilarious trend came about? Well, it all started when Instagram users @styledbynelli and @myforteisfashion posted an image of themselves sporting a pink and blue pillow respectively.
If you want to try this cozy trend, scroll down and get some inspo!

Look #1

Recreate this cute look with

Look #2

Style your pillow with cowboy boots!

Look #3

Accessorise your pillow dress with cool shades!

Look #4

Take your pillow look the extra mile by pairing it with a duvet!

Look #5

Instead of using a pillow, belt your bed sheet to yourself, instead!

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