Bella Hadid Cut Her Own Bangs During Quarantine

Bella Hadid became her own hairstylist during quarantine and cut her own bangs,. And to no surprise, she looks effing amazing! The supermodel went for whispy, side-swept bangs and she shared the results on her Instagram story. 
“I cut my bangs,” Hadid wrote in the first video debuting her new hairstyle. She also did a poll to see whether her followers would trust her with a pair of scissors. (Tbh, I would. The girl is talented, and my hands would never.)
While Bella has rocked clip-on bangs in many styles including side-swept, baby bags, etc,.— this is the first time she has had permanent bangs for years.

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This isn’t the first time Bella has changed up her hairstyle. In summer 2019, she went from blonde to brown. In August, her hair was blonder than her older sister Gigi’s. However, by September 2019, she went back to her signature brown hair.

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