Tyra Banks Wants Lindsay Lohan To Have A Prominent Role In The ‘Life Size’ Sequel

Eve’s great no matter where she goes, but the Barbie-doll-turned-clueless-human would be even ~better~ if paired with Lindsay Lohan for the Life Size sequel. (What? I don’t get to start nearly enough articles with that jingle.)

Tyra Banks disclosed in a new interview that she and LiLo have been direct messaging on Twitter about the prospect of Lohan starring in the second movie.

“Lindsay and I have been slipping into each other’s DM’s a lot lately,” Banks revealed to Entertainment Weekly. “I think she’s very interested in returning. It’s about figuring out what that role is. I’d like it to be kind of robust.”

That means LiLo would be doing more than a glorified cameo in the sequel, and would likely be reviving her role as Casey from the original film,.

“I’m looking for her to have something pretty meaty in Life Size 2, so we shall see what our writer comes up with,” Banks continued.

The film is due out in December on Freeform, and will follow Eve helping a new young woman “learn to live and love again.”

The two actors have also been doing more than slipping into one-another’s DMs about the opportunity, shouting each other out on Twitter and Instagram.



While Lohan’s birthday party probably didn’t include Beyoncé and Britney — and Emma Stone is 100 percent not interested in filming a sequel to Mean Girls that already exists — there is a good chance that she will star in the highly-anticipated Life Size sequel, at least if Banks’ comments are any indicator.

We’re ready for her.

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