Jake Paul Dropped A Diss Track For All His Haters & His Haters Are Amused









Oh, Jake Paul. I think he is thriving in the controversy. I also think it’s safe to say the amount of fans he has is equal – maybe now less than – the amount of haters he has.

If you don’t know who Jake Paul is, well lucky you. He is a Vine star, turned YouTube star turned former Disney Channel actor. He has been in the news recently because of his crazy unsafe YouTube antics.

His neighbors are trying to sue him for turning their neighborhood into a circus. He constantly shared his address online and he films his videos there. He set a couch on fire that had flames as tall as his house for a video. After this controversy came to light he was let go from his Disney Channel show. They claim the two are unrelated.

Jake also posted a video of him making racist comments to a fan. He was from Kazakhstan and Jake was making terrorist jokes.

In response to all the negative press Jake made a Youtube Stars Diss Track as a respond. The video follows Jake in the grocery store, getting a haircut and driving his Tesla.

The lyrics are just him listing all of the positive things he’s done claiming how the news won’t report that, but will easily report negative stories on him. He asks for forgiveness in the video. But I think it would be easier to forgive him if he just sent a humble apology tweet.

People think his diss track is so funny, because it isn’t helping him. Lots of people have hilarious opinions and memes about his “apology.”


A line in his diss track was “Where was y’all at when I was in the lunchroom / Stopping kids from getting bullied.” Now kids from his high school have started tweeting about the social media star and how he was the bully at their high school.


In my humble opinion I think Jake needs to lay low for awhile.



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