Was Taylor Swift Actually Naked In The ‘Ready For It’ Music Video?







Taylor Swift‘s “Ready For It” music video dropped during the wee hours of the morning today and the music video had a lot going on. The internet is flooded with posts about what’s the meaning behind every little detail in the video, but none of them answer the most important question, is Taylor actually naked in the music video?

Taylor fights another version of herself in the video. The real Taylor is trapped in a glass cage. It has a very heavy Westworld vibe. Real Taylor is also NAKED or at least looks naked. Special effects were used a lot in the video and naked Taylor did glow up at one point, so what is the truth Tay, were you in your birthday suit or not?


Taylor posted a behind the scene of the naked scene because it has received so much attention. She posted the BTS moments on her Instagram story and turns out it was just a skin tight nude bodysuit and not her birthday suit.


In the video, though she does look naked, so fans thinking she was baring it all isn’t crazy. Can’t wait until Taylor’s app drops so we can get more BTS content like this.

Some fan theories think naked Taylor, who is kept in a glass box, is the real Taylor. The Taylor who is free and wearing a black cape is the Taylor that the media has created, evil Taylor. The two fight until one is dead. Watch the video and see for yourself who wins in the end.

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