Rumor Has It That Justin Bieber Has Moved In With Selena Gomez

Looks like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are starting right where they left off. Allegedly, Justin moved into Selena’s house after a few weeks of being spotted together.

Life & Style report that a moving truck was spotted outside of Selena’s Los Angeles home. A source told the website that Justin has officially moved in. “Justin left baseball caps and a stack of clothes at her house, and Selena bought him a toothbrush and some products to keep there,” the insider says. “Now he’s moved the majority of his belongings in.”

Justin was living in a rental house before moving into Selena’s house. The rental had floor to ceiling windows and provided minimal privacy. Selena’s home has a lot of privacy and is located in a low-key part of the San Fernando Valley.

Daily Mail

Even though Justin literally just moved into Selena’s house the two are reportedly looking to move again. They are taking their fresh start seriously and want a fresh brand new home to start their relationship.

Jelena has yet to publicly confirm their new relationship. The two were spotted riding bikes a mere few days after Selena and The Weeknd split. Then it wasn’t long before the two were spotted going to church together and kissing at Justin’s hockey game.

The two didn’t spend Thanksgiving together because a source says that would be moving too fast, but the couple is house hunting.

So what is the truth?

Selena, please post an Instagram confirming the return of Jelena.

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