Kylie Jenner Fans Think She’s Expecting A Baby Girl For The Most Absurd Reason

With nothing publicly confirmed and little to go on, Kylie Jenner stans are going full Nancy Drew to uncover what they can about her rumored pregnancy.

This means examining every color choice the lip kit empress makes and posts on social media with a diligent ferocity even Mama Kris would admire.

Ever since pregnancy rumors first surfaced in late September, the rumor mill has been stirring with fervent speculation over the baby’s sex. Kylie’s blue phone case means she must be carrying a boy. Her pink nails indicate a baby girl. No, the combination of pink-and-blue on her feed means it must be twins!

Now, as People reports, a recently-posted Instagram of a 20-foot Christmas tree is bringing fans back to the baby girl theory.

On Thursday, Kylie uploaded a snapshot of her towering new tree lit up with classic clear lights and adorned with oversized rose gold ornaments. “Thank you @jeffleatham & his team for making my XMAS dreams come true!” she wrote, “20 feet of magic! Even more perfect in real life … ”

The pink ornaments, combined with her choice of the bow emoji, have some fans hoping it’s a sign that the youngest Jenner is expecting a baby girl (though the possibility of a pink-loving boy seems like one we should entertain in 2017).

While several media outlets have taken the narrative and run with it, it’s more than likely that Kylie’s choice of holiday decor just indicates her steadfast love for pink and her uncanny ability to maintain her brand.


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