Fenty Stans Are Roasting Kylie Jenner For Her New Concealer Line






It’s been a great time in the makeup industry. Despite the occasional viral beauty faux pas, we’ve had bizarre and creative makeup trends while celebrities are coming out with more and more inclusive beauty lines. Rihanna did exactly this when she debut Fenty, complete with highlighter, eyeliner, and the widely talked about foundation and concealer.

It’s always disheartening when you’re searching for a skin product, and can’t find the perfect shade as there are only five to 10 options, which isn’t even close to how many skin tones exist in the world. Fenty foundation shades consist of 39 options, from very fair to very deep and everything in between. The concealers, though not as many, consist of 19 colors. Leave it to Rihanna to increase representation in the beauty community. Recently, she even had a pensive response to a fan suggesting her to incorporate trans models into her advertising.

It seems Kylie Cosmetics has come to take notice of the attention Fenty is getting. Kylie, whose line was originally known for lip kits, has now expanded her collection beyond just lip products. She’s come out with blush, eyeshadow, and last night, concealer.


Kylie Cosmetics posted the news to Instagram, in which they announced 30 available shades. Naturally, Twitter, who’s always raging about something, is roasting Kylie for allegedly copying Fenty’s line. This also isn’t the first time Fenty fans have been feuding with Kylie Cosmetics fans.



Despite the criticism, beauty brands can always be improved and should be working towards the same goal: increasing representation so everyone is included. Instead of pitting two female brands against one another, positive change should be embraced to improve the brands on their own, not so one can one-up the other. Any progress that has been made should be celebrated.

Hopefully beauty creators and founders are viewing increasing the variety of skin shades as a moral instead of economic choice.

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