Carrie Fisher’s Dog Had The Most Amazing Reaction To ‘The Last Jedi’

The Star Wars franchise just wasn’t the same after the passing of actress Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia, a monumental role that spanned across decades. Fisher passed almost exactly a year ago, and the recently released The Last Jedi, which was Fisher’s final performance, was dedicated in her honor.

Animals endure loss just like humans, even more so when they’re pets. Fisher’s French bulldog Gary reportedly recognized Fisher in each of her scenes in The Last Jedi.

Veronica Miracle, an ABC reporter, tweeted that Gary watched the movie and had the most heartbreaking reaction. Miracle wrote, “The late Carrie Fisher’s dog Gary just watched #TheLastJedi! He sat on Fisher’s former assistant’s lap during the film. She said his ears perked up every time she was on screen.”

Everyone knew of Fisher and Gary’s bond as Gary came into Fisher’s life as a therapy dog and it wasn’t long before the two began attending book signings and red carpet events together.

Gary was even confirmed to make a cameo in The Last Jedi as an alien, of which a sharp fan first detected. If you follow the green arrow in the photo, you can see Gary with a mask and multiple eyes, being held by a character.

Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd, a Scream Queens actress, has been outspoken after her mother’s death and is continuing to raise awareness about mental illness.

While Fisher was taken from us too soon, we’re lucky to have seen her leave her mark on the series and reprise her role in the sequel trilogy. Hopefully we’ll see more of Gary in Episode IX.

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