This New Meme Suggeting Different Kinds Disney Princesses Will Make You Cry From Laughter

Disney Princesses are constantly being reimagined or updated by their crazy loyal fan base. They’ve been reimagined as millennials living in 2017, as real-life people and when these princesses finally become queens.

But most spend their time reimagining Disney Princesses as being more inclusive. For so long these princesses were white and thin women. It wasn’t until 1992 when Princess Jasmine came on the scene that there was finally not a white princess. Now besides Jasmine, there’s Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana and Moana who all got their own big franchise movie. But still, five princesses of color isn’t enough.

We have yet to see a gay Disney Princess on the big screen, a plus-size princess, a princess with disabilities and so much more.

We need a Disney Princess who is more diverse. But fans have turned the wanting of a different type of Disney Princess into a joke.

It seems that this Disney Princess meme started this month when a user tweeted that we need a princess who has a yeast infection. Her replies are filled with people suggesting which princess does have a yeast infection, many believe it’s Belle.

It’s just really funny to think that there would be a princess who is average and does normal stuff like spend all of her money on food, goes to college, works retails and can’t do basic math.

We also need a princess who gets dumped, goes to law school to impress her ex and ends up finding herself along the way, AKA we need Elle Woods to be a Disney Princess.

You know a meme has reached peak status when it starts having meme-ception, using a meme to meme another meme. Like this tweet about how we need a princess who bit Beyonce. Tiffany Haddish told the story of the night she met Beyonce and revealed she was ready to throw down after this actress who was allegedly on drugs bit Bey on the face.

Haddish didn’t reveal who was the biting culprit, but since fans have been trying to figure out who exactly would risk their life and bit Beyonce on the face.

If we never find out who did it a Disney Princess movie about Tiffany fighting off the biter would be the next best thing.

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