Blue Ivy Is 6 Years Old & Has Her Own Stylist & Personal Shopper

Both of Blue Ivy’s parents are billionaires and pop culture icons so, despite her young ageĀ (she’s 6 years old) Blue lives a life of luxury. Even though she loves a good Target run like the rest of us, Blue is known to rock outfits that could pay off your college loans.

I like to think Blue walks into Gucci, tries on everything insight and swipes a black Amex card buying everything in the store and the store itself. But realistically Blue is too wealthy to do her own shopping. At 6-years-old she has her own stylist and personal shopper, Manuel Mendez.

Mendez works for Parkwood Entertainment, a management company founded by Blue’s mom Beyonce. According to Women’s Wear Daily, Mendez has created many of Blue’s iconic red carpet looks like her custom Wearable Art Gala gold dress, her white pantsuit that she wore at the Grammys when she shushed her mom and her outfit for Jay-Z‘s “Family Feud” music video.

Don’t get it twisted though, Mendez was never Beyonce’s stylist. Beyonce’s stylist is Marni Senofonte.

Mendez started working for Parkwood Entertainment in 2009 as one of Beyonce’s personal assistants. It’s uncertain when he became Blue’s personal stylist, but to go from Bey’s assistant to Blue’s stylist is a dream transition. Mendez frequently posts photos of Blue on his Instagram when he styles her. He tags all the pictures with #kidstyle. The first one he posted was from February 2016, and it was a throwback picture, so based on sleuthing he’s been Blue’s stylist for more than two years.

Blue might have to start sharing her stylist soon though. It’s uncertain if Mendez will also be dressing her younger siblings, Rumi and Sir. But realistically the twins will each have their own stylist and personal shoppers.

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