How Much The Kardashians Make For Every Sponsored Post

The Kardashians are some of the most influential people on social media. The family has amassed a total of 469.6 million Instagram followers total. With all of those followers an influence it’s no wonder why the family still does Instagram ads and promotional posts. To get one of the Kardashians to advertise a product to their millions of followers will cost you a lot. Not the mention the family is already pulling in serious cash from their own business and reality TV show. Fall 2017 the family signed a show renewal with E! for $150 million.

The Kardashians’ prices for paid Instagram posts vary between person because some siblings have more followers than the next, while some have fans who interact more than others. We broke down just how much each Kardashian or Kardashian adjacent a.k.a. Jenner makes per paid Instagram post.

Kourtney Kardashian – 63.3 Million Instagram Followers

Last reported by Us Weekly, Kourtney was making a rough estimate of $250,000 per Instagram post. But when that was last reported she had about 10 million fewer followers than she does right now. With those extra 10 million followers Kourtney could easily be making about $300,000 per paid Instagram post. According to The Hollywood Reporter, about 10% of her $10 million earnings come from paid posts.

Endorsements: SugarBearHair gummy vitamins, Flat Tummy Tea, PrettyLittleThing clothing,  Calvin Klein, Amazon, Fashion Nova.

Kim Kardashian – 111 Million Instagram Followers

Kim boasts the most Instagram followers in her family. It was last reported that Kim was making $500,000 per paid Instagram post. But at the time she only had 94.8 million followers. Now Kim is probably making roughly $1 million per paid post. Last year she made about $45.5 million according to THR. Most recently Kim posted an ad for Flat Tummy Tea’s new appetite suppressant lollipops. Her post was met with so much backlash she deleted it.

Endorsements: Flat Tummy Tea, Calvin Klein, SugarBearHair gummy vitamins.

Khloe Kardashian – 76.1 Million Instagram Followers

New mom Khloe is raking in the cash on Instagram. It was reported that she was making roughly $250,000 in 2017. But Khloe has since gained 12 million more followers and is most likely cashing checks for $300,000 per post. Most recently her baby shower was sponsored by Amazon. On top of her endorsements her apparel line, Good American is putting in numbers.

Endorsements: Amazon, DIFF EyewearSugarBearHair gummy vitamins, Lilly Lashes.

Rob Kardashian

Poor Rob got his Instagram suspended after he posted revenge porn of his ex-fiance Blac Chyna. He would post a few paid ads here and there, but now he isn’t pulling in any money from Instagram. His mom and siblings still work with his sock brand Arthur George and post ads for him.

Kris Jenner – 20.3 Million Instagram Followers

There are not too many details about how much Kris makes per paid Instagram post, but she isn’t posting these ads for free that’s for sure. With $20 million followers we’re guessing she’s still making six figures per post. Kris posts a lot of free items on her feed, but only discloses that the products she’s getting paid to post are #ads.

Endorsements: Bumble Bizz, Waist Gang Society, SugarBearHair gummy vitamins, Perfekt Beauty.

Kendall Jenner – 90.9 Million Instagram Followers

According to THR, Kendall makes about $370,000 per paid Instagram post. She was the highest paid model last year beating out long-time winner Gisele Bundchen. Even though Kendall skipped out on Fashion Week this past year, she’s still a highly successful model.

Endorsements: Adidas, Tiffany and Co., Ippolita Jewelry, HairfinityDaniel Wellington, Bumble.

Kylie Jenner – 108 Million Instagram Followers

It was recently reported that Kylie makes a whopping $1 million per paid Instagram post. The youngest Kardashian has the second most followers, after big sister Kim. She recently joined the 100 million follower club on Instagram and now has the top three most liked Instagram posts ever. No wonder she’s making seven figured per paid post. Kylie’s cosmetics line, Kylie Cosmetics if on track to be a billion-dollar brand by 2022 and has earned $420 million in 18 months.

Endorsements: Fashion Nova, Waist Gang Society, Quay sunglasses, SugarBearHair gummy vitamins, Bumble.

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