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Here Are The Top 10 Craziest Celebrity Diets






Celebs have always been praised for their beauty and minuscule proportions. Due to this pressure to stay thin, unhealthy eating habits have long been perpetrated in Hollywood.   Check out some of the craziest diets 10 stars use to get thin.

Oh yeah, and you probably want to avoid all of these as they lack the proper calorie and vitamin intake recommended by doctors and experts. If you are trying to lose weight–we suggest proven long-term methods of eating less junk food and exercising more–in a safe and healthy way. Most of these diets were used in the short-term, as they are extremely unsafe for the long-term and will likely result in weight gain immediately after stopping them.

1. Adriana Lima


This Victoria’s Secret Angel has one tip when it comes to her diet: do not do it. For the nine days prior to the annual fashion show, the model works out twice a day and avoids any solid foods. She cuts her diet down to only protein shakes, vitamins, and supplements. She consults a nutritionist frequently in order to try to get as much energy from her skimpy diet as possible. However, 12 hours prior to the show, Lima cuts all liquids out of her diet–in an attempt to dry out her body and ensure minimal bloating.

This diet is extremely dangerous and harmful when carried out in a long-term fashion. The model insists she only does this extremely restrictive regiment once a year and returns to her usual eating habits immediately after the show.

2. Madonna


The Air Diet. Seriously. This diet seems more like Madonna denying her body food-which it needs to perform all bodily functions. The nutty concept of this diet is that she prepares her food then just smell it. After that, she just consumes water and salt soup. Simply put, you waste a ton of food, starve your body and make yourself feel miserable and ill. This is based on the idea that air alone can fuel the body–which has never been proven or even promoted by any doctor. Ever.


3. Jennifer Aniston


Instead of eating breakfast, the actress claims she drinks lemon juice. This encourages detox and helps burn fat more quickly. However, substituting a nice plate of scrambled eggs and fruit for a glass of juice has actually been shown to cause weight gain for most people. Eating breakfast kick-starts your digestion and provides valuable energy to help get you through the day. Maybe just add some lemon to your water in the morning while also enjoying your Wheaties?

4. Hugh Jackman


In order to get the ridiculously lean and ripped Wolverine physique, Hugh Jackman consumed over 5,000 calories a day. However, he only ate between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Therefore, Jackman fasted for 16 hours a day, then consumed almost double the recommended daily intake in an eight-hour period. He also adopted a rigorous workout plan to get his body fat down to 4%.

 5. Beyoncé


The singer notoriously lost some major pounds for her role in Dreamgirls. She contributed this rapid weight loss to the Master Cleanse Diet. This which consisted of substituting all solids with liquids such as lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water for two weeks. The Master Diet Cleanse also includes drinking herbal laxative tea twice a day and four cups of salt water each morning. Long term, this diet can actually lead to weight gain, as well as a weakened immune system and heart and kidney problems. Yikes!


6. Snooki


Cookies??? Yup. Unfortunately, these were not your regular chocolate chips goodness. Instead, the Snooks shed pounds eating six 90-calorie cookies a day and one small meal. The cookies contain beef and milk proteins and are designed to suppress hunger. The great challenge for the Jersey Shore star, however, was majorly limiting her alcohol intake. She credits this healthy change most for her new figure.

7. Reese Witherspoon


Reese Witherspoon famously credited her slimmed-down figure to replacing breakfast and lunch with jars of baby food and only eating a proper dinner. While this regiment may sound gross, it is actually on the healthier side of these crazy celebs diets. Baby food does not contain additives or preservatives and is full of vitamins. However, this restricting of solid foods is likely to lead to binge eating later in the day–which is notoriously bad for weight-loss.

8. Nicole Kidman


When filming Cold Mountain, the actress was told to lose as much weight as possible. She went on a diet consisting entirely of hardboiled eggs. One egg for breakfast and two to three for dinner. In the end, she ended up losing more weight then she had hoped for. This diet is (obviously) not advisable as it not only lacks enough calories but also is highly unbalanced and lacks vitamins and nutrients. Plus, she probably smelled like hard-boiled eggs all the time…ew.


9. Christina Aguilera


Christina Aguilera’s noticeable slim-down has been attributed to the 7-Day Color Diet. This meal plan involves eating foods of just one color each day. Therefore, she starts with white foods, then red, green, orange, yellow, and then a rainbow day to end the week. The 7-Day Color Diet was popularized by Mindy Weisel in her book of the same name. Hmmm, mac and cheese is yellow…right?

10. Megan Fox


Megan Fox is considered to have one of the best bodies in Hollywood. However, the actress says she dislikes exercising and has a big sweet tooth. Therefore, Fox takes shots of Apple Cider Vinegar prior to every meal. She considers this liquid a cleanser and able to rid the body of water weight. However, this claim has never been medically proven.

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