Demi Lovato’s Team Gave Her An Ultimatum To Force Her Into Rehab

Demi Lovato has remained int he hospital since her apparent drug overdose on July 24. Now TMZ reports that Lovato is expected to leave the hospital this week.

TMZ’s sources report that Lovato is stabilized from her overdose and her team and family are preparing to send the singer to rehab. No one can force Lovato to go back to rehab, the decision is her’s to make, but supposedly her team is giving her an ultimatum.

Allegedly her team is telling Lovato to either go back to rehab or they’re quitting. TMZ reports that one person who works with Lovato confirmed that they will all walk away from the singer if she doesn’t help herself. “She could die if she doesn’t, and that’s not going to be on my watch that we did nothing,” their source said.

Lovato is currently at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Lovato has supposedly been suffering extreme nausea and high fever, which are the result of her overdose. Because of her complications since her overdose rehab hasn’t been talked about thoroughly. “We just don’t know where her head is at,” one source told TMZ.

Her overdose was a life or death situation. She was found unconscious in her bed by her assistant and was revived with Narcan by the medics.┬áIt’s still unknown what drug Lovato overdosed on. It was originally reported that she was on heroin, but those claims have since been retracted.

She was sober for six years before her recent overdose. She broke the news that she wasn’t sober with a song titled “Sober.” In her documentary Simply Complicated she recalls her early years of addition and the first time she went to rehab.

“My frist time doing coke, I was 17 working on Disney Channel, and I was with a couple of friends and they introduced me to it,” Lovato said in her documentary. “I was scared because my mom always told me that your heart could burst if you do it. But I did it anyways and I love it. I felt out of control with the coke the first time that I did it.”

Lovato first went to rehab in 2010 after she punched one of her backup dancers. She entered rehab afterward but not for drug use. She entered for an eating disorder and self-harm. She is also bipolar.

Hopefully, Lovato decides to help herself and become sober again.

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