Kylie Jenner’s New Teenage Doppelganger Has Instagram Shook

Kylie Jenner is arguably the queen of Instagram. She gets paid the most per post, she has over 100 million followers and is the owner of the top two most liked Instagram posts ever. Needless to say Jenner has turned Instagram into her playground.

But there is another girl on Instagram who is giving Jenner a run for her money. Teenager Amira Boualleg looks so much like Jenner it’s hard to believe that Kris Jenner isn’t her mom or manager.

The 16-year-old has amassed over 148,000 followers for simply looking like Jenner. Boualleg is Alergian and claims that all of her facial features are real and she isn’t like some influencers who have been accused of having surgery to look like Jenner or one of her sisters.

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Jenner has been the inspiration behind many recent plastic surgeries. Her go-to plastic surgeon Dr. Simon Ourian credited Jenner for “single-handedly” influenced an entire generation to get procedures. Jenner has admitted to getting her lips done (she recently took out her fillers) but fans speculate that she’s had other work done.

But Boualleg insists on her posts and Instagram stories that she is au naturale. She even posted a makeup-free selfie to prove it.

Whether you believe Boualleg hasn’t had any work done or not there is no denying she looks just like Jenner. It helps that she does her makeup in the same style that Jenner.

The two beauties both have dark brown hair, perfectly waxed eyebrows, huge lashes, contoured faces and huge lips that usually have a colorful hue on them and are overlined.

Boualleg was born in Alergian but currently lives in Paris. She says that people stop her on the street to tell her she looks like Jenner. In an interview with a blog, she said that she studies Economy in high school and wants to be in the cosmetic world eventually.

“I am very interested in the cosmetic world but more in the way they manufacture it,” Boualleg said. “My dream is to have my own cosmetic brand and I am working on it.”

Looks like Kylie Cosmetics is going to have some competition. Do you think Boualleg looks like Jenner?

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