Taylor Swift Gets Emotional On The Anniversary Of Her Sexual Assault Verdict

Taylor Swift‘s Reputation Tour is in Florida currently. During her August 14th Tampa show, the award-winning artist got emotional on stage because it was the one year anniversary of her sexual assault verdict.

Swift gave a lengthy speech about her verdict and the impact it has had on her.

“A year ago I was not playing in a stadium in Tampa, I was in a courtroom in Denver, Colorado,” she began. “Honestly, I was there for a sexual assault case and this day a year ago is the day the jury sided in my favor and said that they believed me.”

“I guess I just think about all the people that weren’t believed and the people who haven’t been believed, and the people who are afraid to speak up because they think they won’t be believed,” Swift continued.

“I just wanted to say I’m sorry to anyone who ever wasn’t believed because I don’t know what turn my life would have taken if somebody didn’t believe me when I said something had happened to me.”

“So I guess, I wanted to say we have so much further to go, and I’m so grateful to you guys for being there for me during what was really a horrible part of my life,” she said while sitting at the piano.

“I wanted to say that and thank you for just kind of…I mean I know when I meet you guys at meet-and-greets and after the shows, you guys tell me about the hard times that you’ve gone through in your lives and I really appreciate you trusting me with that information.”

“And you know you guys have seen me go through so many ups and downs in my life just due to the public nature of the way my life is, and I wanted to say that I’m so happy to see you and to have you and know you through the ups and downs in my life, so thank you.”

“Sorry I just haven’t really talked about it, and so I’m just not composed at all,” Swift concluded with a laugh.


People reports that after her emotional speech, fans held up $1 bills. The dollar bills are significant to her sexual assault trial.

Last year Swift and former DJ David Mueller went to court to settled an incident that happened in 2013. During a Red Tour meet-and-greet, Mueller reached under Swift’s skirt and groped her behind.

In 2015 Mueller sued Swift and her mother, Andrea Swift, for getting him fired. Swift countersued him for assault and battery. She only sued him for a $1 because she didn’t want money from the case, she wanted to be believed. Mueller was suing Swift for $3 million.

Swift gave a powerful testimony and held Mueller accountable for his actions. She, obviously, ended up winning the trial. After her win, she promised to make donations to “multiple organizations to help sexual assault victims defend themselves.”

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