‘The Bachelor’ Fans Are Not Happy That Colton Underwood Is The New Bachelor

On Good Morning America this morning it was announced that the new Bachelor would be Colton Underwood.

Fans are far from happy about Colton holding the title of Bachelor and they have been ruthlessly dragging the show. Listen, fans saw it coming from a mile away. Colton was going to predictably become the next white man who is seemingly perfect, but can’t for some strange reason, find the girl of his dreams. And to boot, he’s a virgin who is waiting for the right person.

ABC: who do you want to be the next bachelor?
ABC: guess who’s back! Colton!
us:#TheBachelor pic.twitter.com/kAqwzfmeDc

— Aly Barnaba (@alybarnaba) September 4, 2018

Three months of Colton crying #TheBachelor pic.twitter.com/ndFHbmcZeW

— Allison the Disney Diva (@Daviesallison1A) September 4, 2018

The retired football player was introduced to the world on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette. The 26-year-old blonde Midwestern boy fell in love with Becca, but not without some drama along the way. He dated former Bachelor contestant Tia Booth before coming on the show. He slid into her DMs and then before you know it, was whisked away to film The Bachelorette.

Fans assumed Colton tried to hit Tia up before the season believing she was going to be the Bachelorette. This way he’d have a leg up on the competition and have a better chance of winning it all and Tia’s heart. But then Arie Luyendyk’s season ended the way it ended – I will seriously not rehash it – and Becca became the leading lady.

The Tia and Colton drama has been played on and off camera and it’s exhausting.

Bachelor In Paradise

Colton got sent home and then ended up on the trash island floating in the ocean of the Bachelor franchise that is Bachelor in Paradise. Unluckily for us, Tia was also at Paradise. The couple was on again and off again so many times that it doesn’t really matter, fans have become numb to it all. They officially called it quits and now Colton is ready to get serious and date a few dozen girls at once.

Producers: You can either have Tia or be the bachelor?
Colton: Tia, I can’t give you what you need. I’m just not ready… but apparently I’m ready to host 20+ women to fight for my heart because you just aren’t enough 🤷🏼‍♂️#TheBachelor

— reality tv obsession (@tv_obsession) September 4, 2018

What annoys me most about Colton as #TheBachelor is that he was forced at us all Bachelorette season & now all BIP season, & he still has no idea what he wants. I doubt he'll stay with his final pick for more than a year & this season is destined to be a failure 🤷🏼‍♀️

— Lexi 🌷 (@failedlocal) September 4, 2018

Don’t worry Tia will not be on Colton’s season, but the chances of us hearing her name a thousand times an episode is high.

And NO I will NOT be a contestant on Colton’s season. Lord bless.

— Tia Booth🖤 (@tiarachel91) September 4, 2018

After two straight seasons of Colton, what’s a third?

Fans were hoping and praying that the franchise would choose Wills, Blake, Jason or Grocery Store Joe from Becca’s season. Let’s be real, Blake and Jason are the only viable candidates out of the fan favorites. Joe was voted out the first episode of Becca’s season and they would never dedicate a whole season to him and Wills is African-American, so he’s automatically not going to become the Bachelor.

Hardly anyone was vouching for Colton to become Bachelor, but here we are.

Last year: Give us Peter.

Bachelor franchise: Okay! How about some guy you dont even remember?

This year: Give us Wills, Grocery Joe, Blake, LITERALLY ANYONE BUT COLTON

Bachelor francise: #TheBachelor pic.twitter.com/DX6VXjsoWT

— Megan Farber (@15mefarber) September 4, 2018

Me when GMA announces Colton as the next Bachelor #TheBachelor pic.twitter.com/JLXpNYP3xV

— Hope (@ohitshope) September 4, 2018

When #TheBachelor finally casts diverse and interesting people and the entire cast is overshadowed by the most vanilla drama possible and you know they plan to return to the same cookie cutter bachelors & bachelorettes going forward pic.twitter.com/jZBgVaeCl6

— Cari (@notcawri) September 4, 2018

What do you think about Colton becoming Bachelor?

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