New Year’s Resolutions For 2021 (During & After The Pandemic)

A new year has arrived, and once again, people are setting goals for their personal, mental, and physical health. For obvious reasons, everything is different. 2020 was not a happy year for society, which is excited to kiss it goodbye. Here are six resolutions for 2021, during and after the Coronavirus is obsolete.


Unite Your Spiritual Self

girl praying


Open your Bible, Torah, or Qur’an, and blow the dust off of it. Reading about the past—whether you believe in it or not—is fascinating. It gives you a scoop of history through the perspective of religious leaders, followers, and writers. It is inspiring to learn how religion has affected people thousands of years ago and still impacts people today.

While places of worship are limiting congregators, people are watching liturgies on television, the internet, or gathered on facetime. Prayer, along with following the Ten Commandments, The Five Pillars of Islam, or whatever laws your religion respects, can help you reconnect with your faith. You may also listen to spiritual music. If you are new to religion, understand that it takes patience to learn and trust.


Save Money



With the broken economy, saving money isn’t the most realistic idea. Millions have lost their jobs and are living below the poverty line. Yet, for those who usually spend more than they earn, 2021 is not the time to splurge. Why waste cash on an expensive show when you have to wear a mask and worry about getting sick? While people are desperate to have fun and deserve to do so, now is the time to save money and make plans for when the pandemic is over.

However, you shouldn’t preserve if it forces you to sacrifice necessities. By salvaging your funds, you can attend more extravagant events or destinations down the line.


Reconnect With Family

Family bonding and eating


This virus kept people away from their family, friends, and community. Once it is over, reconnect with those you missed. The lockdowns have affected mental health, resulting in a rise in depression, anxiety, fear, loneliness, drug use/relapse, and suicide. You may not realize it—your loved ones could be suffering.

Technology has allowed us to bond via phone calls, texting, facetime, and social media; nothing beats face-to-face connection. Here is why it is vital for everyone, especially children, to bond with their household and extended families. Provided that some families are geographically distant, friends, classmates, and the community can rebuild social skills.


Discover A New Hobby

girls knitting


Your hobby can be anything you desire, and technological resources can help you do it from home. Consider that major you almost took in college or the job you’ve always craved but could never get. Earning money from a hobby can be rewarding or backfire.

Here is a list of hobbies to contemplate: cooking, baking, barbequing, music, art, acting, learning the history of anything, playing/watching sports, horseback riding, reading, writing, video games, exercising, volunteering, gardening, designing (fashion, homes, etc.), fishing, karate, jiu-jitsu, pilates, Zumba, meditating, dancing, juggling, boxing, painting, scrapbooking, weight lifting, photography, video editing, graphic design, knitting, crocheting, chess, puzzles, stamp collecting, repairing cars.


Exercise At Home

working out fitness health


Although everyone has been doing this since March 2020, the new year means that people are making the resolutions of “getting in shape,” “staying fit,” “exercising,” or “losing weight.” With gyms closed, fitness equipment is restricted. However, people don’t have to spend money on membership programs. They also don’t have to drive to the gym, which diminishes motivation. Instead, they are able to exercise in the comfort of their home, without the fear of being watched or compared to anyone else. Staying active can be fun when family members and pets are involved. Here are 6 Unexpected Exercises You Can Do In Your Home During The Winter Quarantine.


Help Small Businesses

Young man paying for food


As stated before, the pandemic has crushed the economy, specifically small and local businesses. These companies have a few dozen employees, rich histories, and unique ways of functioning. Some of them are family-run. Thousands of small and local businesses have been forced to close their doors permanently when they were unable to run for an extended period. Others are operating at lower capacities. Small and local businesses promote communities, individual leadership, and have a creative selection of merchandise. The most relevant ones are boutiques, independent restaurants and bars, and public service companies.


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