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Oct 9, 2012

Tuffy Luv Organizes The Floop Outta You

I'm so stressed out!! College and dating are killing me. What can I do to relax?

Nov 15, 2010

How to Destress, Chill Out, and Relax

According to our friends at AOL Health, we are ruining our lives. They’ve compiled a list of dangerous ways to relax – and unfortunately for me (and probably a lot of you) this list could pretty much make my “interests” section on Facebook. So here are five awesome, easy ways to deal with stress in a healthy way.

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Nov 1, 2010

The Weekly Ten: Relax After a Stressful Week

October is a busy month. Between midterms and registration, and finding the perfect Halloween costume, things can get pretty crazy...

Candy Dish: Don’t Let Dating Get You Down

• 7 ways to stay positive about dating. • Well, at least Lindsay is improving at something. • Need a little help with that frizz? • Sesame Street gets an adult makeover. • Stressed? A few ways to chill the eff out. • 'My Generation': Just as boring as real life.

Sep 27, 2010

Body Blog: Stress Does the Body Bad

Stress has been my companion for as long as I can remember. I’m the kind of girl who likes having a million things to do because I love feeling productive. Unfortunately, I tend to take on more than I can handle. This leads to late nights, early mornings, constant worrying, tiredness, and, well…you know the routine.

Jul 19, 2010

Do-It-Yourself Tuesdays: Spa Day!

Has preparing for midterms/tying up loose ends/getting your body ready for Spring Break left you stressed out to the maximus? Late-night cram sessions and 20-page final papers followed by an intense hour at the gym can have you looking and feeling less than your normal, amazing self.

Mar 9, 2010

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Mar 7, 2010

Spring Break at Home: The Silver Lining

Clearly, there are plenty of reasons for me to be bitter about my lack o' travels this Spring Break but, I am deciding to look the bright side for a change. Sweating poolside under the shade of an US Weekly magazine or not, I'm going to make the best out of my Spring Break, and - turns out - it is easier than I thought because you can:

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Mar 5, 2010

The CC Weekly Weigh In: Just Give Us an Hour

I just wish I could be somewhere else for an hour. Somewhere with no stress, no assignments, no anything but pure bliss and relaxation. Like in bed...with Joel McHale and Paul Rudd...while Paula Deen feeds us big, buttery cupcakes. Or on a yacht with Beyonce and Jay-Z, just hanging out and admiring the brand new Louboutin pumps they got me for my birthday.

Dec 30, 2009

Small Changes That Will Have Big Results in 2010

With every new year comes a handful of far-fetched resolutions and often unrealistic goals we set for ourselves. We vow to be better in the new year: to be thinner, study more, drink less, exercise more, etc, etc. And then we throw them all away during our post-NYE hangover the next morning.

May 5, 2009

Do It Yourself Tuesdays: Chocolate Face Mask

In these tough economic times, everyone is penny-pinching. Everyone is also totally stressing, including college-age women, about money, about finding a job, about passing that last exam so you can pass the class and head home for a summer of beaching and BBQ.

Apr 20, 2009

Body Blog: Survive The Stress of College Life with Exercise

What a coincidence it is that April is both Stress Awareness Month and when we all take finals. Cruel trick, world. A cruel trick, indeed. Instead of grabbing a cigarette or another cup of coffee, use exercise this year as a way to alleviate the overwhelming feelings that come with cramming a semester's worth of information into a few study sessions.

Mar 12, 2009

Sexy Time: Sex for Your Health?

We all love to sex because, frankly, it’s fun and it feels good. But what if there was another benefit...

Mar 3, 2009

Do It Yourself Tuesdays – The Dammit Doll

[Ever see something you want but don’t have the money to buy? Ever get sick of studying/watching TV and have...

Mar 2, 2009

What to Leave Behind When You Take Off for Spring Break

With the economy suffering, a lot of airlines have slashed their baggage allowances.  This season, more than ever, it’s important...

Jan 3, 2009

Phone Sex: A Whole New Meaning to ‘Hotline’

For those of us in long distance relationships, or those of us are not near our significant others during this...

Dec 23, 2008

We’ve All Been There: Home for The Holidays

[It doesn’t matter what school you go to, what state it is in, how big it is, whether it is...

Dec 5, 2008

The CC Weekly Weigh In: Time for a Study Break!

Ugh. Finals. Is there anything worse? You sorta coast through the entire semester with nothing to do but some really...

Oct 17, 2008

Hell Effing Yes – It’s Friday

Ever have one of those weeks when you are so crazy busy you don’t even have time to realize how...

Sep 16, 2008

Cosmo Says the Darndest Things, October Edition

I am a Cosmo devotee. Have been since I started stealing my mom’s when I was twelve. I am amazed...

Mar 19, 2008

Paranoia Confirmed: Everyone Is Staring At Me

I spend a lot of time telling myself to relax. Relax, I tell myself. It’s okay that you didn’t have...

Feb 20, 2008

Can’t Fall Asleep? Try Yoga!

Ever find yourself awake at 4am reading Perez Hilton and unable to fall asleep? Between classes, extracurriculars, homework and those...

Nov 1, 2007

Clean Out Your Brain! Take Action!

Not too long ago, I talked about cleaning out your dorm in order to help get your life on track....

Apr 15, 2007

Still Stressed? Let me help!

Still squinting at your computer into the wee hours of the night, eating pretzels and knocking back that new disgusting...