Self-Care Sunday: How To Maintain A Work Life Balance

Life can get tough to juggle especially when you have a career to also balance. Whether your commitments are school, college, a full-time job etc. etc. it can be hard to find a work/life balance.

The easiest thing to do after a long day with commitments that usually take up most of your time is to head right home and just relax with yourself. Or maybe you just go home to still be surrounded in your work or thinking about work.

It can be hard to let life also be a part of your daily life since work might be what provides you with the ability to live comfortably. That can mean whatever it means to you whether it be exercising, traveling, relationships, friendships, family, hobbies and passions among countless other things.

Throwing yourself into your work can also be an unhealthy way of coping with personal problems, which you should look out for.

We have curated a list of ways that can help you to maintain a work/life balance. Your work-life balance can’t be perfect but it’s something you should strive for.

Let yourself be you NOW. Life shouldn’t be something put off to vacations, retirement or even just the weekend/your days off. Making sure that life is let in is an important part of self-care so you can live a fulfilling life.

So read on for some tips.

Prioritize Your Time


Prioritize your time in life. Whether this may mean being productive at work (while taking breaks) or not meeting up with that toxic friend from high school, be picky with your time.

But this also doesn’t mean feeling guilty for taking a lazy Sunday or day off. Just be mindful of how you use your time.

Set Goals


Set goals! This can mean so many things and you can craft your goals however they feel right to you. Set goals in your work and living environments.

Your goal can even just be to set a work-life balance and then from there determine just how you can follow that goal. Check out this article from Psychology Today for advice and guidance on how to set a goal.

Take Care


Take care of yourself while prioritizing your work-life balance. Keep up with good hygiene and eat regular meals at the very least. Integrate some self-care practices into your life.

Eat Healthily


Eating healthily doesn’t mean you have to be in the kitchen for hours making complication recipes with tons of ingredients. It can be just cutting out some sugar from your coffee or making healthier meals. Check out our article for some beginner cooking tips.

Get Sleep


Make sure to get the amount of sleep that is recommended for your age range. Otherwise, you can face adverse effects in your work and personal life.



Make exercise part of your routine, rather than thinking of it as something that you “should” be doing. You don’t have to suddenly be working out as hard as possible.

If you live in a city, for example, you could walk instead of taking transit to your workplace.

But it isn’t a bad idea either to sign up for a gym membership. That may just be the extra push to get you exercising if it’s something you avoid.

Avoid Perfectionism


Avoid perfectionism in your life and workplace. Failure is a part of life. Read our article on how to overcome perfectionism for some more advice.

Make Time For Your Passions


Make time for your passions in life. If you’ve ever wanted to get into thrifting: perfect! Get into thrifting and make time to do so.

If you want to write then write. Don’t put something like writing off in your head till retirement or when else you might have time. The time to fulfill your passions is now because you never know when you might not have tomorrow.

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