6 Cute House Slippers That'll Elevate Your Indoor Look

Due to the coronavirus, working from home has become the new norm; but just because you’re staying in doesn’t mean that you can’t look amazing! To complete your cozy work from home outfits, you’re going to need some cute house slippers to accessorise your look. Here, I rounded up 6 of the cutest, coziest slippers to get you through the rest of quarantine.

Genuine Shearling Slingback Slipper – $99.95

These slippers are not only stylish and trendy, but they’re also super comfy as well. Slide these babies on with your special leggings and oversized hoodie and you’ll look so cute!

Patricia Green Chloe Slipper – $69.95

For a sophisticated indoor look, go for this timeless, quilted pair. PSA: they also come in four other dreamy pastel hues!

Truffle Collection lemon summer slippers – $16.00

These slippers are perfect to wear in the summer! They’re lightweight and have the cutest lemon motif.

Mayberry Women’s Liner Skin Slipper – $59.95

Have a cozy fashion moment in these fluffy slippers. The rubber outsole is durable enough to be worn when running errands or inside when making breakfast in your PJs.

Cozette Slippers – $80.00

Since these these cozette slippers are basically neutral, the’ll pair well with any loungewear ensemble.

Printed Sherpa Slipper – $24.00

These trendy leopard print slides are a total fashion statement. These go great with wearing a snuggly robe around the house.

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