How to Have a Great Halloween In 2020

Celebrating any holiday is harder this year. Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and the 4th of July have already been sacrificed or axed. Now it’s fall and the prime holidays are approaching. Time usually spent with family and friends has become unpredictable. Parties are smaller and people are cautious, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see your loved ones. There are still ways to have a great Halloween. Just be sure that everyone you celebrate with feels safe.

Decorate Everything

The house has to be festive, including both the inside and the outside. If you’re not having company, prioritize the outside for driving cars and trick-or-treaters to see. Get your entire family involved and go all out. Buy new decorations, rearrange the usual ones, or compete to see who can decorate the best. Put old costumes and wigs on hangers and suspend them from where that family portrait normally is. Fog machines, colored lights, and homemade embellishments will add to the fun.

Dress Up

Most people aren’t going all out this year, which stinks for those who usually do. You can buy a costume from Party City, Spirit Halloween, or Amazon. Or gather random clothing to become a nerd, a ghost, a cat, a sports fan, or Mr. Clean. You make a diy costume or save it for next year. And don’t forget to dress up the pets and grumpy parents. Here are some easy last-minute Halloween costume ideas.

Answer the Door for Trick-or-Treaters

If you don’t want to do this, maybe some else in your home will be willing to. Otherwise, the bucket of candy can be left outside, along with a camera to keep an eye on the kids who take more than they should. More people will probably be doing that this year anyway. Another idea is to make goodie bags to avoid children’s hands in a shared candy bucket.

Because it’s Halloween, wear a stylish or funny costume. Incorporate a mask or facial covering if possible. Just don’t answer the door in a half-naked costume.

Some neighborhoods have more trick-or-treaters than others. And if your community is rural or childless, you may only get to open the door sparingly. Luckily, Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, thanks to February’s extra day.

Have a Small Gathering

Depending on how safe you feel, you can require that your guests wear facial coverings or have their temperature taken before they come in. Half a dozen friends or fifteen to twenty family members can make all the difference. Because of costumes, Halloween might be one of the easiest holidays to celebrate Covid-style. And you might find a smaller gathering more personal and rewarding.

Note: You are responsible more for making sure your guests don’t drink and drive.

Turn that Creepy Basement Into a Haunted House

Even the nicest basements can be crafted into an outstanding haunted house. You can really utilize any room(s). Be certain that you won’t need the space for eating or congregating. Add motion-sensor contractions, strobe lights, and scary decorations. If the weather permits, you can do this outside and the night sky will become the ceiling of your haunted house.

Halloween Movie Night

This can be done inside or outside. There are so many great Halloween classics to watch: the Halloweentown franchise, Hocus Pocus, Casper, It, etc. You can also watch horror movies or Halloween episodes of TV shows. Partygoers can easily remain distant from each other and still enjoy the marathon. For more inspiration, check out this movie list: The 5 Must-Watch Movies to Prepare For Halloween (2020).

Halloween Activities

Board games, video games, Halloween trivia. Host a costume contest or a competitive eating/drinking challenge. You can create a Halloween bingo or cornhole game. There are also party games where people use their phones: Kahoot!, Fakin’ It, Quiplash, and so many more.

Bonus: Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 A.M. on Sunday, November 1st. Clocks will be moved backward and we gain an hour of Halloween celebration.

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