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high school

Sep 11, 2015

Teen Gets Suspended From School For Wearing A ‘Nobody Knows I’m A Lesbian’ T-Shirt

"Isn’t that what school is supposed to teach you? To be happy with who you are?"

Apr 22, 2015

Apparently A Promposal Costs More Than Any High School Kid Should Have

I understand that to high schoolers, prom is everything. But just wait until date parties and formals in college, or better yet, your cousin's open bar wedding.

Apr 2, 2015

Why College > High School

Why is college so, so, so much better than high school could ever hope to be? Here are a few of the many reasons.

Jun 25, 2013

The Ultimate @SummerBreak Pre-College Bucket List

The summer between high school graduation and college is probably one of the most bittersweet you'll ever experience. While you're head-over-heels excited to be heading off to a whole new school in a few months, saying goodbye to the close-knit group of friends you've grown up with is tough.

Apr 2, 2013

5 Unexpected Things to Consider When Deciding Where to Go to College

College decision letters are rolling in for high school seniors, and the time to choose where you're headed for the next chapter of your life is fast approaching. If you're still on the fence about which school you'll be attending, you're not alone.

Jan 24, 2013

The 6 Things We Don’t Miss About High School

High school is a very interesting time in a person's life, even more so than college. I think what makes it so "interesting" is that we aren't really adults yet, but we try to act like it. Our changing bodies and emotional states of mind certainly don't add well to the mix, and only further contribute to our madness.