• Equal Gender Representation In Vanity Fair [The Apocalypse]

    Vanity Fair has featured 6 men and 6 of a lesser-known species called "women" on the 3 covers of its January 2013 "Comedy's New Legends" issue. This will be their first comedy issue, guest edited by Judd Apatow and featuring: Paul Rudd, Chris Rock, Ben Stiller, Jim Carey, Will Ferrell, Leslie Mann, Melissa McCarthy, Megan Fox, Kristen Wiig, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph. Equal representation of women and men in such a butch, flannel, pickle-jar opening field of work such as "making people catch a case of the giggles," has been empirically denied.

  • Kristen Stewart Is Awkward and We Have the Proof

    Pattinson stands up for his on and off-screen beloved saying that she's misinterpreted as awkward and that she's, in fact, crazy confident.

  • Candy Dish: Manic Pixie Dream Girl

    • Let's sort out our female stereotypes using a flowchart. • Snooki just wants you to know she's not pregnant. • The secret to beautiful skin. • Things I didn't need to know about Daniel Radcliffe: this. • Check out the Vanity Fair 2012 Hollywood issue. Gorgeous! • The 10 worst things you can say in bed.

  • Gossip Cheat Sheet: Turning Over A New Leaf

    Leave it to our favorite celebrities to keep giving us more. It seems everything happens at the same time after a dull week and frankly we were overwhelmed just going through it all. This week we've had some break ups, an engagement, and a possible escape. We can always rely on Hollywood to give us something to talk about. What else is new?

  • Candy Dish: Adam Lambert Ditches His BF

    Adam Lambert is single! (But still not into us ladies...) • Dakota Fanning wins the big prize. • What's wrong with Elton John!? • Is fear preventing you from finding love? • Mel Gibson's got another baby. • Robert Pattinson opens up to Vanity Fair (and looks really hot doin' it).

  • Candy Dish: Jake and Reese’s Romantic Getaway

    • I want to go to Italy with Jake Gyllenhaal. • Christina Aguilera goes "Burlesque." • Afghanistan solves the swine flu problem. • Jessica Simpson on the cover of Vanity Fair. • Protecting yourself has never looked so chic! • The best and worst sunscreens for summer.

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