YouTuber Jake Paul Was Caught Saying The N-Word Twice

It is not a good week for the Paul brothers. Footage of YouTuber Jake Paul has been leaked of him saying the N-word twice. This isn’t the first time Jake has been racist. He was caught on camera making terrorist jokes to one of his fans from Kazakhstan.

According to TMZ, the video was taken in 2017 during last year’s Coachella music festival in Palm Springs. It shows Jake freestyle rapping over Rae Sremmurd’s “Throw Some Mo” during which he raps the N-word twice.

The first N-word is dropped at the beginning of the video. He says, “little ass n***as” and later on raps, “I whip it like my n***a Richie Vetter, he make the pu**y so wet it gets wetter.”

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This video has surfaced after Jake’s brother Logan Paul has faced serious backlash for his now-deleted YouTube video, “We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest…”

The video shows a man who committed suicide and Logan and his friends being extremely disrespectful towards the man and the situation. Since he has posted two apologies, one of them being a YouTube video, which he monetized and is making money from.

Jake has made headlines before for terrorizing his neighbors with his ridiculous pranks for his YouTube channel. He is being accused of turning the neighborhood into a “living hell” for the permanent residents.

He is also being accused of being abusive to his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet and cheating on her. She posted a heartbreaking YouTube video about their abusive relationship. Jake responded by making fun of her in a music video.

The Paul brothers have only garnered terrible press lately. Maybe this is the beginning of their downfall.

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