Shane Dawson’s Jack Paul Documentary Is Facing Backlash For Using The Word Sociopath

YouTube is never short of drama. Besides the makeup world fights, Shane Dawson and Jake Paul are stirring up their own drama. Right now Dawson is under scrutiny for insinuating Paul is a sociopath multiple times.

In September Dawson began an eight-part docu-series on YouTube diving into Paul’s life and his psyche. Paul is the younger brother to Logan and the two of them have caused lots of controversies thanks to their YouTube videos and have received their own fair share of backlash.

Dawson has 18 million subscribers and Paul has 17 million subscribers, so the series is destined to gain lots of attention.

Currently, the series has four episodes out and in the first three Dawson speculates if Paul is a sociopath. The term sociopath is outdated, but the dictionary definition is, “a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.”

Dawson implies that the Paul brother’s competitiveness is linked to their parents’ divorce and their other behavioral issues. Dawson went on to call Paul’s actions similar to a sociopath. He even brought on a licensed therapist, Kati Morton to hear out his theory.

Morton agreed with Dawson and said, “People put on personas, but going back to the symptoms and signs that we’ve just read through, like not caring if people get hurt…he’s done things like terrorizing members of his team. Like, the lack of emotions in his eyes is kind of creepy.”

She ultimately said she couldn’t diagnose Paul until meeting him. Nevertheless, Dawson has carried on with using the term and leading the audience to believe that Paul is a sociopath through his editing.

Fans have spoken out about Dawson’s use of the word and how they feel about the documentary.

Dawson has responded to the criticism he’s received for labeling Paul a sociopath. He said he never diagnosed his fellow YouTuber and even shared some of the articles and videos he watched while researching for the docu-series.

Even Paul has agreed that it looks like Dawson is trying to paint him as a sociopath. But ultimately posted that he trusts Dawson’s vision and hopefully the real reason for why he is the way he is will come to light.

What do you think about the controversy?

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