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Jan 27, 2013

Is a Booty Call Worth Getting Arrested For?

I'm lucky enough to say that I've only gotten one speeding ticket in my lifetime. People speed. People speed and then get pulled over. People get speeding tickets. Now, what is worth a speeding ticket?

Feb 18, 2012

Things We Wouldn’t Suggest Hiding in Your Underwear

The "underwear bomber" was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday. We're glad that no one was harmed in his attempted attack, and that justice was served. But we just have to say ā€“ he hid the bomb in his underwear? Ouch! Your undergarments are not a great place to store things. Here's our list of 8 more things we don't suggest ever hiding in your underwear.

Dec 12, 2010

The Morning After: Hot Mess Abroad

I am currently studying abroad in an unspecified location in the world. We'll just say... not in the U.S. (really narrowing it down there). My host university always organizes events at bars and such for students, but my roommates and I usually just pass on them because they just wind up being these huge all-American fests.

Jun 20, 2010

The Morning After: The Night I Rode a PrivateĀ Planeā€¦andĀ EndedĀ upĀ inĀ Jail

One evening I find myself in the library being an A+ scholarā€¦sort of. Picture the scene: Iā€™ve got a textbook open, my Starbucks in front of me, and Iā€™m just jamming out to my iTunes when The Most Beautiful Guy in The World stands up and leans over the little desk divider. In an exact quote, he says, ā€œI love that song.ā€

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Aug 25, 2009

Moving To School? Know Your Laws

The beginning of another fall semester is upon us, and for many that means packing up all your stuff and relocating to a new state. A lot of change can come with uprooting your life. With everything you have to worry about, I bet you never even considered the fact that you might have news laws to abide by.

Candy Dish: How Is There Still Chris Brown News?

Did a text message from Chris Brown’s manager set off the infamous fight? Oops, someone over at American Idol made...

Mar 10, 2009

Candy Dish: Those Religious People Love Their Porn

See where the most porn in enjoyed…. Amy Winehouse returns to London. The Caribbean celebrates. Flirting 2.0 Ms. North Dakota...

Mar 2, 2009

Faking it: Are Fake ID’s Worth the Trouble?

Most college students like to think that all the drugs and alcohol in the world are at their fingertips once...

Oct 8, 2008

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Sep 30, 2008

CollegeCandy’s Celebrity Mugshot Hall of Fame

In light of Heather Locklear’s recent arrest while driving under the influence of something (read: drugs), we started thinking about...

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Jul 27, 2008

Shia LaBeouf Arrested at Hospital for DUI

Shia LaBeouf, the adorable movie star who used to seem so sweet and cute, apparently made a promise to himself...

Jul 24, 2008

Christian-Gate, Day 3: The Family Weirdness Gets Weirder

Because no one in the CC office wants to believe that Christian Bale is the type of guy who would...

Jul 22, 2008

Christian Bale Arrested — My Heart Breaks

[Update. Christian has made BAIL and may have been arrested for simply yelling really loud at his fam…)...

Jul 16, 2008

If I Had A Million Dollars, I’d Buy A Ton Of Cocaine

In the late eighties, Barenaked Ladies frontman Steven Page promised (in song no less) that heā€™d buy me and every...

Jul 16, 2008

Andy Dick: Rock Bottom

Which is worse: Is all of the above an option? [Photo courtesy of]...

Jun 15, 2008

Hangover Chronicles 2: Top 5 Worst Things That Happened Last Night

You know those mornings. The ones when you and your girlfriends gather from your various places of shacking over lots...

Jul 24, 2007

Busted: LiLo is Hardcore

Lindsay Lohan needs help. Real help. Now. Early this morning, Lohan was busted, yet again, for driving under the influence....