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Oct 28, 2016

Noelia Garella is the First Person With Down Syndrome to Become a Teacher in Latin America

As a little girl, they called her a "monster." Now, she's living her dream.

Apr 14, 2012

13 Places You Don’t Want to Run into Your 2nd Grade Teacher

I loved your 2nd grade class. You taught me so many valuable lessons including how to play Oregon Trail. I will never forget you teaching me how to eat popcorn with chopsticks. And I loved the postcard you sent me from the Great Wall of China. How I'd love to see you again, Mrs. Eng, and thank you for all you have taught me. Let's meet up somewhere! Just NOT at any of these places...

Mar 24, 2010

The Senior Files: OMG I’m Graduating Soon

Today, I was walking across campus on the way to my last class before Spring Break (CABO, HERE I COME!) and I had a HOLY SH*T moment. You know, one of those defining moments when reality slaps you hard across the face prompting you to stop dead in your tracks and scream HOLY SH*T. Well, today reality slapped me with the inevitable fact that I am graduating from college in three months.

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Aug 4, 2009

Life After College: Where’s MY Job?

I've learned a lot about myself in these months since I've graduated. Most importantly I've learned that I have severe and occasionally life-threatening problem with jealously. I like my friends, some more than others, and I want them to do well. However I don't want them to do well until I'm doing well.

Teacher Behaving Badly

I'm not really sure who these anchor people are (or what this "network" is), but it's the only video I could find that showed the story of one middle school teacher who got drunk and did a little naughty dance with her students.

Mar 30, 2009

Eeek, I Might Be Failing! Tips For Saving Your Grade.

What do you mean it’s too late to drop a class? I forgot I was even enrolled! If that’s part...

The Secret Stress Behind Yoga

I’ve been attending a yoga class at the gym. I joined it so I could learn to get in touch...

Oct 11, 2008

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Sep 17, 2008

Unemployed? No Worries! Here are Some Future Jobs!

The country is getting ready for a terrible recession. Banks are folding and getting bailed out by loans from the...

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Aug 5, 2008

Grad School: Is it For You?–Check Your Ego at the Door

By my senior year of college, I could fly through my assignments and earn A’s on half-assed work. I could...

Jun 26, 2008

Teacher Hearts Baseball So Much She Sleeps With Half The (Teenage) Team

People do a lot of things to prove their love for their favorite sports team. They paint their faces blue....

Jun 23, 2008

Teacher Burns Students In The Name Of The Lord

Sooo, the other day a teacher got in some mild trouble for burning crosses on his students’ arms. Just another...

May 1, 2008

Teacher To Students: “You’re Mean, I’m Suing!”

When I was in high school I made my teacher cry. It wasn’t my fault she was in her first...

Dec 12, 2007

My Freshman Year: Day 113

Days as a Freshman: 113 Mood: Smiling “There’s a bench back here.” I pushed the last couple of...

Oct 5, 2007

Our Makeup Is Killing Us!

• Did you know that our makeup is causing us to absorb over 5 pounds of chemicals a year? I’m...

Oct 5, 2007

The US Needs Porn Vending Machines

* Sure, this story is shocking, but I’m more intrigued by the fact that Japan has porn vending machines! (Mainichi...

Sep 5, 2007

Why Being Your Professor’s BFF is a Good Idea

A lot of people think sitting front and center at a lecture is lame. Lame and nerdy. And a lot...