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Jun 6, 2013

What’s Your “Number”? Who Cares!?

We as a society have these arbitrary notions of what an appropriate number of sex partners is, so the expectation is that anyone who thinks they fall outside of the standard deviation is probably going to lie. The trope goes that guys will exaggerate, ladies will omit, and all inexperienced people will pad their sex resume.

Jun 6, 2013

The Many Varied Benefits of Masturbation

I feel like everybody is so scared to talk about it. If you buy yourself a new pair of shoes are you ashamed of it? No. Those shoes were a gift to yourself. You deserved them. And that's exactly what masturbation is, a gift to yourself.

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Jun 3, 2013

Here’s the Truth: Why Guys Want Threeways

Because 2 is better than 1, and 4 are better than 2? Or at least that’s the kind of culture we live in. We’re not bred in a “less is more” society. Hell NO! Excess is success.

May 30, 2013

Just a Friendly Reminder to Stop Faking It

It's kind of hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that there are still people out there who are faking orgasms. If you are one of them - stop. Please.

May 28, 2013

The Masturbation Diet Will Get You That Killer Bikini Bod and Rosy Just-F*cked Glow (JK)

According to this new diet, its not grapefruits or apples or even magic smoothies that you need to get fit. It's masturbation. And lots of it.

May 23, 2013

The Secret Tip for Having Mind-Blowing Sex! [Sexy Time]

I was scouring the web looking for inspiration for this week's column, and after the billionth "How to Blow Your Man's Mind" article, I reached the zenith of irritation. Not only are all of those articles redundant (the answer is always anal or BJs), heterosexist (not all ladies date guys, and lesbians do read mainstream media sites), but they're so disempowering.

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May 22, 2013

“I Want To Do This With Your…” Bringing Dirty Talk To The Bedroom

No one wants to blurt out a few XXX words in the heat of the moment only to realize they sound ridiculous. But have no fear, we'll show you the basics on how to start talking dirty in the bedroom.

What Does Your Favorite Sex Position Say About You?

We are creatures of habit. Everything we repeatedly do says something about who we are as people. You repeatedly order vanilla ice ream? People say you're bland and hate taking risks. You make list after list for everything? People say you're anal and need to loosen up more. The same goes for your favorite sex position.

May 21, 2013

10 Songs for the Perfect Make-Out Sesh

Something that is a must during those first few amazing make-out sessions with a new boo is the tunes that you're grooving to in the background.

May 18, 2013

How to Give a Man the Best Orgasm of His Life

Everybody knows the way to a man's heart might be through his stomach, but the way to keep a man's heart is through another organ.

May 16, 2013

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May 16, 2013

Farrah Abraham’s Oral Skills Were a Fail, So Let’s Talk About How to Really Get It Done [Sexy Time]

While there are guys out there who genuinely don't care for oral, I think it's a pretty safe assumption that most do. Luckily, giving enjoyable head to a guy is a fairly easy-ish endeavor.

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May 15, 2013

An Open Letter to President Obama [Lady Bits]

Mr. President, I thought you were one of the good guys. I thought you respected women, and knew that the power and freedom to make reproductive decisions should be protected and celebrated. That's why I'm so disappointed to see the backward, paternalistic stance you've taken on what is becoming known as "the Plan B debate."

May 13, 2013

The 4 Hottest Sex Moves Every Man Craves

We're not talking about crazy Cirque du Soleil moves or emptying your bank account on costumes. We're talking easy and simple moves in the bedroom that'll make him beg for more.

May 13, 2013

8 Don’ts for Hooking Up In College

There's no guide on how to hook up in college, but here are a few definite "don'ts" if you're looking to keep things clean and simple.

May 13, 2013

Enter To Win A Year Supply Of Condoms And Trojan’s New Lube! [Giveaway]

Safe sex is the best sex, girl. Also, free (Trojan!) condoms are the best kind of condoms. We know you want to kick it with the coeds this summer and beyond, so we're giving away 1-year supply of condoms and Trojan's BRAND NEW line of lube.

May 10, 2013

3 Sex Mistakes You’re Probably Making, Plus Their Quick Fixes

You could be committing one (or all) of three cardinal mistakes, but if that is the unfortunate case, don't worry.

May 9, 2013

Trojan’s New Line of Personal Lubricants Takes the Stigma Out of Lube

You might tell your best friend about the weird guy you hooked up with last weekend who had an extraordinarily veiny penis (graphic, strange, yet totally conversational), but would you tell her that you're heading to the drugstore later to pick up some trusty lube (not graphic, not strange, yet totally embarrassing)?

May 9, 2013

If It Weren’t for the Internet, I Probably Would’ve Died A Virgin [Sexy Time]

I was semi-convinced I was going to die un-penetrated and unappreciated. And then I ran into the welcoming/terrifying arms of online dating and those fears became a distant memory.

May 2, 2013

Why Do We Kiss? 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Kissing

They say we learn something new everyday, and if anyone wants to refute me, well I certainly am going to teach you something new today. Let's talk about kissing.

May 2, 2013

Is It Really So Bad To Have Sex “Too Early”? [Sexy Time]

I can understand withholding sex if you're trying to weed out people who are interested in getting to know you as a person rather than just trying to get to know your vagina. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who out there who misrepresent their intentions and pretend they want to pursue something serious when that's not the case at all.

Apr 25, 2013

Should You Tell Someone That They’re Bad in Bed? [Sexy Time]

I was brunching with some ladies the other day, and naturally the conversation turned to guys and sex. Unfortunately, some of the girls have been experiencing some really bad sexual juju.

Apr 24, 2013

Denying Him Sex Is DESTROYING His Self Esteem? Yeah, Okay.

Night after night, no matter how hard Mr. Mower tried to get Mrs. Mower to have sex with him, she shut him down. He even researched online about how doing housework can turn a woman on.

Apr 22, 2013

Do “Happy Endings” Really Exist?

The possibility of getting a "happy ending" from one of these good-looking massage guys was a goal of one woman, and she decided to share her experiences for everyone to...enjoy.

Apr 22, 2013

Do His Actions Speak Louder Than His Words? [Ask A Dude]

I feel like if a guy is telling me he's not interested, but can still be sold on sex, I should probably just accept that he's "not that into it" instead of telling myself he's just scared of commitment or is putting up walls.

Apr 21, 2013

Here’s Why Kissing is the Best Thing Ever

Do you guys ever wonder why we kiss? Like, what is it about human nature that drives us to go lip-to-lip with another person? French kissing, deep kissing, pecks, magical kissing, etc. We want ALL the kisses!

Apr 19, 2013

Make This Weekend A Steamy One With 5 Hot Sex Positions

Sick of the same old routine when it comes to bedroom shenanigans? Tired of not getting that orgasm we all deserve? Or just wanting to spice it up with some new sex positions? From easy to advanced, there's a position for you.

Apr 18, 2013

5 Ways To Cure Boredom While Performing Oral [Sexy Time]

I can only spend so much time alternating between making eye contact with my boyfriend and staring at his business before I start to get kind of bored. So I've come up with a few ways to subtly stymie any boredom that may crop up.

Apr 17, 2013

How Should He Manscape? [He Said/She Said]

If you like it snipped into your boyfriend's initial, that's a little weird, but sure, that's your choice.

Apr 12, 2013

Forget Slut Shaming, Is Virgin-Shaming a Thing Now?

A girl is supposed to be able to have relationships and partners, but not too many. She's supposed to be pure, but not overly pure.

Apr 11, 2013

I Figured Out Why My Sex Dreams Are Always Lame [Sexy Time]

Last week, I had my first vaguely erotic dream in quite awhile. The tension and the chemistry was ridiculous with whoever the guy was...and then my conscience creeped in and reminded me I have a real-life boyfriend and I woke up. Weak.

Apr 4, 2013

Having Sex in Public Was Kinda Disappointing [Sexy Time]

I've had sex in various un-private places and while none of them were especially bad, they definitely were great. I've gotten it on inside public places, outside, during the day, at I think I've done it enough times to write it off as an overrated sex activity.

Mar 29, 2013

Bacon Condoms, Bacon Lube…BRB Throwing Up

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Tired of the same old latex condom? Well the guys over at J&D's have created something for you: bacon flavored condoms.

Mar 29, 2013

Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Shuts Down Marriage Equality Opposer

"Outside of the marriage context, can you think of any other rational basis, reason, for a state using sexual orientation as a factor in denying homosexuals benefits?"

Mar 28, 2013

Some Guys Are Really Awful, But It’s Not Your Fault [Sexy Time]

In the wake of the Steubenville rape trial, there has been increased dialogue about the importance of consent. Unfortunately, the societal narrative around consent is so muddled, distorted, and harmful. There's a ton of emphasis on the absence of no and not nearly enough about the presence of yes.

Mar 27, 2013

10 Things Men Forget To Do During Sex

I wonder how lost some guys may be in bed when it comes to making a woman happy, because it can be very hard to ask for directions!

Mar 27, 2013

15 Marriage Equality GIFs To Spread The Progressive Word [Gallery]

A GIF isn't going to change the world, neither is changing your Facebook profile picture to a red equal sign but what it does do is send the message that you're an ally of the cause and that you won't tolerate bigotry.