Top 15 Most Liked Instagram Posts Of 2018

2018 was a big year for Instagram. Kylie Jenner took over the most liked Instagram posts of 2018 list with the birth of her daughter Stormi Webster. Kylie has the most liked Instagram photo of 2018 and of all time. Her photo of Stormi’s hand wrapped around her finger has well over 18 million likes.

The photo was posted five days after Stormi was born and two days after Kylie announced that she was pregnant and had a baby. Kylie doesn’t have to worry about being usurped because it has almost five million more likes than the second most liked photo ever, which was also posted in 2018.

Kylie holds eight out of the 15 top spots for most liked photos of 2018. All but one of those photos feature her daughter Stormi or is about Stormi. The one outlier that isn’t about Stormi is a selfie Kylie posted of her and her older sister Kendall Jenner. Kylie’s photo gained over 10.5 million likes and is the 14 most liked photo of the year. Kendall posted a similar photo of them on her Instagram and only garnered 5.4 million likes.

The person with the second highest most liked photos is Cristiano Ronaldo with four photos in the top 15. His most liked photo comes in at number six and has a staggering 12.2 million likes. Too bad it’s not enough to break into the top five most liked photos.

Check out the top 15 most liked Instagram photos of 2018 below.

1. Kylie Jenner – Stormi’s Name Announcement

Likes: 18 million

The most liked Instagram post of 2018 and of all time is Kylie’s name announcement and the first picture of Stormi. The photo gained over 12 million likes within 12 hours, thus securing its spot as the most liked photo ever.

The reason why this photo is the most liked Instagram ever is because Kylie kept her pregnancy a secret for nine months. The mother of one stayed out of the limelight for the entirety of her pregnancy and rumors ran wild for those months.

At a point, fans were convinced that Kylie was going to announce her pregnancy through the family’s Christmas card. While others were convinced the youngest Kardashian-Jenner was going to retreat from the limelight like her half-brother Rob Kardashian.

Her pregnancy announcement shocked the world, she was still 20-years-old, and the internet broke. Then it broke again when two days later Kylie shared the first photo of Stormi and announced her name.

The former most liked post was Cristiano Ronaldo’s birth announcement of his fourth child. Kylie put his post to shame and garnered a million more likes than his post within 12 hours of posting.

Kylie’s post has gone on to gain over 18 million likes, the most in Instagram’s history. It sits comfortably at number one with the second post almost five million likes behind hers. It seems the only person who can beat Kylie for the top spot is herself.

2. Justin Bieber – Marriage Announcement

Likes: 13.3 million

Justin Bieber announced his engagement to Hailey Baldwin on Instagram. Days before Justin shared the news, rumors were swirling that the two were engaged after videos and photos were shared by fans of the two on vacation in the Bahamas and Hailey was sporting a huge diamond ring. Seriously there were so many photos they didn’t try to hide their engagement at all.

Justin confirmed the news on his Instagram sending fans into a liking frenzy. Their engagement was a whirlwind. The two only recently got back together before Bieber proposed.

Hailey and Justin originally met in 2009 and became friends. They began dating for the first time in 2015 and broke up in 2016.

They remained friends after their breakup and eventually got back together in early summer of 2018. The two never confirmed they were back together until they were engaged, but it was obvious to fans and just about everyone that they were an item. When the couple wasn’t vacationing together they were traipsing around New York City packing on the PDA. There wasn’t one NYC street corner that those two haven’t made out on.

Then in July 2018, only a few months after their romance started up again, Bieber popped the question. Their post-engagement life was also very public. While riding bikes in NYC, Justin broke down crying into Hailey’s shoulder. The photos went viral and sparked worry in the young couple’s impending marriage.

But they powered through and got surprisingly married.  The two got officially married in a New York courthouse in September 2018. Initially, Hailey denied that they were married, but then later confirmed that yes they got married. The couple plan on having a formal wedding reception with their friends and family in 2019.

In the matter of a few months, the couple went from dating to married.

3. Kylie Jenner – Stormi’s One Month Birthday

Likes: 13 million

Kylie Jenner’s second photo of Stormi is the third most liked Instagram post of 2018. The photo was to celebrate Stormi’s one month birthday and showed the most of Stormi the world has ever seen. In the second photo, you can see part of Stormi’s face. If only fans knew how many Stormi pictures were to come.

Around this time, Kylie announced the Weather Collection in honor of Stormi. The collection features two eyeshadow palettes (Eye Of The Storm and Calm Before The Storm), a Matte Lipstick, an Ultra Glow, two Glitter Eyes, an Eyeliner Pot and a Highlight Palette.

After this photo, Kylie began posting more photos of Stormi on her Instagram and her stories. But then fans started a conspiracy theory that Stormi’s real father was Kylie’s former bodyguard and not Travis Scott. Kylie’s former bodyguard, Tim Chung, does look similar to Stormi, but that doesn’t mean he’s her father. The internet ran with the conspiracy theory and posted a ton of side-by-side photos of Tim and Stormi.

In response to the flood of conspiracy theories, Kylie deleted all of the photos of Stormi on her Instagram that showed her full face. She then posted a selfie of herself and half of Stormi’s face. A fan commented, “she cut her baby out,” to which Kylie replied, “yea I cut my baby out. I’m not sharing photos of my girl right now.”

Thankfully Kylie is over this phase and has been posting adorable photos of Stormi on her social media.

4. Ariana Grande – Mac Miller Tribute

Likes: 12.8 million

A day after Mac Miller died, Ariana Grande posted a tribute photo of her ex-boyfriend. Miller died unexpectedly from a drug overdose on September 7, 2018. He was found dead at his house in San Fernando Valley. He died from a mix drugs of fentanyl, alcohol and cocaine. His death was a shock to the music world and very unexpected. His struggle with drugs and addiction wasn’t unknown, but you’re still never prepared for someone dying.

In May of that same year, Mac was arrested for a DUI. While driving with a blood alcohol content twice the legal limit, he struck a curb and hit an electrical pole. He and his two passengers fled on foot but were later arrested.

Twitter immediately blamed Mac’s recent ex-girlfriend, pop star Ariana for his DUI. They believed Mac’s behavior was a direct result from breaking up with Ariana and then getting engaged to Pete Davidson.

Ariana stood up for himself and made it clear that Mac’s sobriety wasn’t her fault or responsibility. She called their relationship toxic and told the Twitter user to stop “shaming/blaming women for a man’s inability to keep his s**t together is a very major problem.”

Ariana made it clear that she always supported Mac and his sobriety and wished him well, but won’t be held accountable for his actions. Four months after his DUI he died from a drug overdose.

A few days after Ariana shared the photo of Mac she posted a video of the two goofing around. She wrote, “I adored you from the day I met you when I was 19 and I always will. I can’t believe you aren’t here anymore. I really can’t wrap my head around it. We talked about this. So many times. I’m so mad, I’m so sad I don’t know what to do. You were my dearest friend. For so long. Above anything else. I’m so sorry I couldn’t fix or take your pain away. I really wanted to. The kindest, sweetest soul with demons he never deserved. I hope you’re okay now. Rest.”

After his death, Ariana adopted Miller’s dog, Myron. She shared a video of Myron at her apartment and there are paparazzi shots of Ariana walking Myron. She also got a tattoo of Myron’s name on her foot, covering up an old Pete tattoo she had. Miller adopted Myron in January 2017 while he and Grande were dating.

5. Xxxtentacion – Final Post Before His Death

Likes: 12.4 million

Xxxtentacion died on June 18, 2018, and in honor of his passing his fans flooded his Instagram page and liked the last post he shared. Now that post is the fifth most liked photo of 2018.

Xxxtentacion was fatally shot in a robbery. He was leaving Riva Motorsports dealership in Deerfield Beach, Florida when he was robbed. According to the New York Times, a black SUV blocked one of the exits of the parking lots. There were allegedly four men in the SUV, Dedrick Williams, Robert Allen, Michael Boatwright and Trayvon Newsome. Two men got out of the car and “demanded property” from the rapper.

There was a brief struggle between Xxxtentacion and the men before Williams allegedly fatally shot the rapper in the neck. They proceeded to steal a bag from his car and drive off. Williams has pled not guilty.

His death was controversial because Xxxtentacion was controversial. There’s a stigma that when someone dies no one is allowed to discuss the bad things they have done. Xxxtentacion was a domestic abuser and was charged with aggravted battery of a pregnant victim, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment and witness tampering.

When he was killed he was awaiting trial for a 2016 domestic abuse case. His trial was set to begin on October 5.

The details of the abuse are grim and extremely violent. The victim said when the couple moved to Orlando together the rapper would threaten to kill her every day. The abuse was constant and gruesome.

Xxxtentacion denied the abuse while he was alive. After his death, a 27-minute recording from the Miami-Dade County state attorney that was obtained by Pitchfork was released. In the tape, Xxxtentacion admits to the abuse.

His death was controversial because many people weren’t sympathetic to the domestic abuser because he was an abuser. While his fans were vocal that his death wasn’t the time to bring up his past aggravted battery of a pregnant victim, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment and witness tampering charges. His fans in support fled to his Instagram to like his last post.

6. Cristiano Ronaldo – Juventus announcement

Likes: 12.28 million

After the World Cup Cristiano Ronaldo announced that he was joining Juventus. He is regarded as one of the greatest soccer players in the world and maybe of all time. He’s wone 26 trophies over the span of his career. He has scored over 680 goals for club and country soccer games.

On top of being one of the best soccer players ever, Cristiano is also the most followed person on Instagram. He finally beat out Selena Gomez – who has been the most followed person forever – for the title. Selena has been inactive on the platform recently, which definitely led to the downfall of her number one spot.

Cristiano began his professional soccer career at 16 with Sporting CP. A year later at the age of 18, he was signed to Manchester United. He became the first Portuguese player to ever sign to Manchester United. Cristiano played for Manchester for five years. During his 2006-2007 season, he broke the 20-goal barrier for the first time.

In 2009 he transferred to Real Madrid, where he played until 2018. At the time of his transfer, it broke transfer fee records. At the time it was the highest transfer fee of all time at €94 million. His original contract lasted until 2015 and was worth €11 million a year and a €1 billion buy-out clause.

During his seventh season on the team, he became the all-time Real Madrid top scorer and league scorer. He stayed with Real Madrid for nine years.

In 2018 he was transferred to Juventus. His transfer fee broke records, he earned €100 million and an additional €12 million in fees. He signed a four -year contract with the soccer club. During his time with Juventus, he became the first player ever to win 100 Champions League matches.

The post announcing his historic transfer garnered over 12 million likes. When you’re the most popular athlete on Instagram and the GOAT of soccer, an announcement like this is a big deal.

7. Kylie Jenner – Photo With Stormi

Likes: 12.27 million

Before her 21st birthday, Kylie shared photos of her and baby Stormi. The second photo of the mother and daughter earned over 12 million likes. The first photo didn’t flop though, it gained over 10.2 million likes.

This is the first photo of Stormi’s face that Kylie shared since deciding to delete the other photos of Stormi. Kylie deleted photos of Stormi’s face because of the conspiracy theory that Stormi looked more like Kylie’s bodyguard than Travis.

So it naturally the first Instagram post of Stormi’s face garnered a ton of likes. It also helps that the mother and daughter look beautiful in the picture.

This photo was shared two days before Kylie’s 21st birthday. The new mom threw an epic birthday party at Delilah’s, a club in West Hollywood. The party was extra and pink. Kylie had two outfit changes during her birthday. The first look was a shiny pink mini dress with a V-neck and shoulder pads. The second party look was a strapless skin-tight glittery pink romper.

The party featured pink balloons, pink neon 21 signs, controversial cups, a family mural and a cake with a replica Kylie Barbie doll.

8. Kylie Jenner – Matching Halloween Costumes With Stormi

Likes: 11.8 million

For Stormi’s first Halloween Kylie dressed her up as a pink butterfly. Her costume matched Kylie’s and created this adorable snap. Their costume confirmed the fan theory that the butterfly effect is what inspired Stormi’s name.

Fans predicted that Kylie would name her daughter butterfly because the insect has a special meaning for Kylie and Travis. They both got butterfly tattoos and jewelry when they began dating. The couple’s butterfly symbolism also co-insides with Travis’ song “Butterfly Effect.” The couple’s love for butterflies was so predominant that fans believing they would name their daughter Butterfly wasn’t a stretch.

After Kylie announced Stormi’s name (that is the most liked photo on Instagram ever) fans began trying to connect the name to butterfly or the Butterfly Effect. Fans believe Kylie got inspiration from the definition of Butterfly Effect for Stormi’s name.

The Butterfly Effect is a theory that even a small occurrence can have a domino effect and have a larger effect thus changing the outcome of a huge event. The Butterfly Effect’s direct example is that a butterfly flapping its wings in New Mexico can eventually cause a storm in China.

So a butterfly’s wings can cause a storm, hence Stormi. But during her YouTube video with James Charles, Kylie told the YouTuber the story behind Stormi’s name.

“Travis thinks he thought of Stormi, but it was me,” Kylie told James. “I remember the whole thing, but he swears he made her name up, I was just looking at nature names, like weather and like earth inspired.”

Kylie continued, “Storm was on there, just Storm. I was kind of like ‘oh I want an -ie like me,’ so then I did Stormie with an -ie. It was always Stormie with an -ie. I bought custom things for her that said her name with -ie and the blocks with Stormie -ie.”

Kylie eventually changed the spelling to Stormi with no -e at the end.

But Kylie and Stormi’s matching pink butterfly costumes have the fans shook and maybe the Butterfly Effect did influence Stormi’s name.

9. Kylie Jenner – Photo With Stormi

Likes: 11.38 million

To celebrate her makeup collaboration with her BFF Jordyn Woods, Kylie threw a pink party at her house. Her house was decked out in pink heart balloons that matched her hair and dress. Kylie posted a snap of her and Stormi at the party.

Kylie’s collection with Jordyn was their first collaboration for the BFFs. Their joint collection featured five items. A 12-shadow eyeshadow palette, a quad highlighter palette, two glosses (one gold the other peachy) and a deep red matte lipstick.

Their collection’s colors were rose golds and browns, so the pink decorations at the launch party were a perfect fit.

There isn’t anything special about this photo other than Instagram users love photos of Stormi.

10. Cristiano Ronaldo – Photo With Girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez

Likes: 11.37 million

Cristiano posted a photo of him and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. The couple, who now have a daughter together, was first rumored to be dating in 2016. The two supposedly met at a Dolce & Gabbana event that year. Georgina is from Jaca, a city in northeastern Spain. After studying English in London she decided to become a model.

In November 2016, photos of the rumored couple making out at Disneyland Paris were posted. Cristiano was wearing a wig and baseball hat to disguise himself.

Georgina gave birth to their daughter Alanna on November 12, 2017. Cristiano shared the news on his Instagram and amassed a ton of likes. Now the couple is rumored to be engaged. Engagement rumors started circulating in November 2018 when the couple was spotted wearing matching Cartier rings.

There isn’t a huge meaning behind this particular Instagram, but it gained 11.3 million likes.

11. Cristiano Ronaldo – Photo With Son & Girlfriend

Likes: 11.32 million

Another family picture of Ronaldo’s is on the list. This photo features his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez and one of his sons. They were on vacation and on a boat when the photo was snapped.

His son in the photo is Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. who was 7 at the time. Cristiano Jr. was born on June 17, 2010, in the United States. After his birth, he was taken back to Spain to be raised by his dad and his grandmother Dolores. Cristiano Jr.’s biological mother is still unknown. His nickname is Cristianinho, which means “little Cristiano.”

In June 2017, Cristiano announced that he was having twins via surrogacy. The surrogate mother was in the United States and the twins were born in the States. On June 8, 2017, his twins Eva and Mateo were born. He had the twins while dating Georgina, but she isn’t their biological mother.

A few months after the twins’ birth, his fourth child Alanna was born on November 12, 2017. This is his first child with Georgina.

12. Cristiano Ronaldo – Family Photo

Likes: 11.1 million

Family photos reign supreme on Instagram. Cristiano shared a photo of his entire family – Georgina, Cristiano Jr., Eva, Mateo and Alanna – decked out in Juventus gear after he announced his transfer. Cristiano always posts photos of his kids and girlfriend (maybe fiancé) but it’s rare to see a snap of all of them together.

His caption, “La famiglia bianconera! #finoallafine” translates to, “The Juventus family! #UntilTheEnd.”

The photo gained 11.1 million likes.

13. Kylie Jenner – Birth Announcement

Likes: 10.6 million

This is the only Instagram post on this list that is of words and doesn’t feature an actual image. This post was how Kylie announced to the world that she was pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl on February 1, 2018. She then posted a video on YouTube documenting her pregnancy. Her YouTube video has well over 76 million views.

Kylie kept her pregnancy a secret for the entire time. She wasn’t photographed out, rarely posted on social media and wasn’t filmed during season 14 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Her absence from the limelight whipped everyone into a frenzy. When the news broke that she was actually pregnant and already gave birth the internet freaked out.

After she posted her announcement, she shared a snippet of her pregnancy pseudo-documentary on Instagram. That video has been viewed over 96.9 million times.

14. Kylie Jenner – Family Photo

Likes: 10.59 million

During Thanksgiving, Kylie shared a family portrait of herself, Stormi and her baby daddy Travis Scott. Photos of all three of them together are rare, so fans went nuts over this photo.

Kylie and Travis first me at Coachella 2017. The two had a bunch of mutual friends and hung out all weekend. A few weeks after Coachella the couple was sitting courtside at a Houston game thus confirming their relationship.

Travis went on tour soon after they began seeing each other and Kylie followed. During the summer the couple was together all the time going to concerts, events and the Met Gala. On June 12, 2017, Travis tweeted, “Legit happiest day of my life.” Fans now believe that tweet is when Travis found out Kylie was pregnant.

The next day the couple got matching butterfly ankle tattoos. The couple appeared stronger than ever. In September pregnancy rumors began alongside pregnant rumors for her half-sisters Khloe and Kim Kardashian.

Kylie then goes quiet on social media and in the public and only pops back up with a newborn baby.

The family of three’s photo gained 10.5 million likes in five days.

15. Kylie Jenner – Photo With Kendall Jenner

Likes: 10.56 million

Kylie’s only non-Stormi photo feature her older sister Kendall Jenner. The two were on set for something and were both wearing matching white sports bras.

Kylie shared the image before Kendall’s 23rd birthday exclaiming how they “used to dream about the day we’d be 21 & 22…time flies.”

The sisters are only two years apart and have been close for their entire lives. Kendall is the only one out of her family that isn’t a parent. Don’t worry she thinks it’s strange that her baby sister already has a baby of her own.

In an interview with Lana Del Rey for Elle magazine, Kendall was asked about Kylie’s new stint in motherhood. “it’s obviously a bit weird that your little sister is having a baby before you,” the model stated. “I didn’t expect it to happen like this. But it’s beautiful.”

Kendall said that Kylie becoming a mom has made them even closer. While talking to People, Kendall said that she has a special connection to Stormi.“I love all of my nieces and nephews – I like that I can give them back,” she said jokingly. “But I do feel…a really special connection to Stormi.”

Kendall continued, “I don’t know if it’s that Kylie is my little sister, but I was hanging out with her the other day at lunch, and we were just sitting, and [Stormi] was just so comfortable with me, and it made me so happy.”

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