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Apr 6, 2012

How to Make Your Good Friday Great

Happy Good Friday, everybody! Really, Fridays are always good. It's the weekend! But since today is Good Friday, we've been thinking about some ways for you to make this day extra good. Great, in fact. Here are 7 free or cheap ways to make your Good Friday great.

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Mar 23, 2012

Adobe Introduces Photoshop CS6 Beta [Download It Here!]

Yesterday, Adobe released an updated version of the favorite product of the internet age – Photoshop. They've unveiled the beta version of Photoshop CS6, which includes all the new features that will be available when Photoshop CS6 has its full release within the next few months. The best part of this news is that you can download the beta version of CS6 now!

7 Free and Fabulous Shopping Apps

As college girls our cell phones are our life lines. Our way to contact our friends. To google nagging questions. To check our e-mail and update our Facebook. We utilize them as much as we possibly can in every way we can. From scheduling to shopping. Shopping? Yes, shopping.

Feb 26, 2011

5 Ways To Fall Back Into Your Childhood this Autumn

Finally -- summer's over! It's time for sweaters, boots, Starbucks' signature fall drinks, and for those leaves to start falling. You could spend all fall hunched over your computer working about mid-terms, or you can get in touch with your seven year old self that took time to relish the changing leaf colors, the local pumpkin patches, and of course, the cooler weather. Here are five things that you probably enjoyed during your childhood that you can still enjoy this fall.

Oct 2, 2010

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Apr 20, 2010

Do-It-Yourself Tuesdays: The T-Shirt Scarf

It doesn’t matter if you go to an Ivy League school or a community college, there’s one thing that all colleges have in common and that’s FREE STUFF. Namely, free t-shirts. My dresser is currently overflowing with them (of varying sizes) and there’s no need for all of that cotton getting in the way of the cashmere and the silk.

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Dec 23, 2009

Going Green: The Resolution You Can Actually Keep

And we all know what that means. Yup, that’s right – it’s New Year’s Resolution time. While self improvement is a noble aspiration, it is also an excellent way to make you feel like ish come February when you haven’t made any strides toward your goal.

Jul 3, 2009

The CC Weekly Weigh In: We’re Free!

We have a lot of freedom here in the wonderful U.S.A. Freedom that people around the world would die for. Freedom that people around the world do die for. But do we appreciate that freedom? Not as much as we should. In fact, being that we've been raised to be independent and fearless females, there are a lot of freedoms we have that we don't recognize often enough.

May 13, 2009

Money Matters: Free Summer Fun

I've mentioned this in recent posts, but I always use my summer vacation as a catalyst for next fall's budget. Many of you are saving money by living at home, or earning extra cash by taking on a summer job. However, when the sun comes out, it's a lot more tempting to go out and spend money.

Apr 21, 2009

Free Ice Cream? 50 cent coffee? This is the Best Day Ever!

How's that free ice cream treating you? What, you didn't know it was Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's? Oh, I'm sure you knew about Iced Coffee Day at Dunkin Donuts then? No? Well, you need to get on that because today just might be the best day ever!

Apr 8, 2009

The 5 Questions We Ask Everyone: Gavin DeGraw

Gavin DeGraw. A man with a guitar. A hot man with a guitar. A hot man with a guitar and a whole lot of talent. A hot man with a guitar and a whole lot of talent that just released a new album (that we already love) that agreed to sit down and answer a few of our questions.

Mar 31, 2009

Senioritis: The Best Things in Life Are Free

ollege offers so many opportunities and I regret not taking advantage of more of them. I'm not referring to visiting lectures from world renowned microbiologists or Teach For America open houses.

Mar 16, 2009

Online Shopping…For Free

Everywhere you look stores are having sales. And I for one am taking full advantage. Find me something (legal) that...

Mar 10, 2009

Old is the New Vintage

  I adore vintage stuff. Nothing makes me squeal quite like walking into a vintage boutique and running my hands...

Jan 20, 2009

Candy Dish: Pimp Obama’s Ride

Check out Obama’s new ride! Jenna and Barbara Bush write an open letter to Sasha and Malia. How does Obama...

Jan 4, 2009

Rich Guy, Poor Girl: Keeping The Economy Out of the Relationship

Let’s face it, the economy sucks right now. Not all of us can afford the things we want, and many...

Dec 24, 2008

Is it Better to Give than to Receive?

The holidays are here and chances are, you’re either done with your shopping and psyched about your fabulous gifts, or...

Dec 17, 2008

Money Matters: Enjoy the Holidays on a Budget

[College kids are notorious for being poor. And why shouldn’t we be? We take out student loans to pay for...

Dec 10, 2008

Money Maker 6: Holiday Shopping on the Cheap

[College kids are notorious for being poor. And why shouldn’t we be? We take out student loans to pay for...

Oct 28, 2008

Eagles of Death Metal Want To Give You A Free ‘Heart On’ and Vibrator

Listen up all you sex craved, music loving men and women out there! Eagles of Death Metal dropped their new...

Jul 7, 2008

Summer Vacay Ideas: On the Cheap!

So we are finally in the dog days of summer (which I realized when I went for a run at...

Apr 3, 2008

Vaginal Contraceptive Film? At Least it’s Free!

Good news, everybody! Now you can get a free sample of a really creepy vaginal contraceptive product! It’s a piece...

Jan 10, 2008

My Freshman Year: Day 143

Days as a Freshman: 143 Mood: Weirded out “So you know what I was thinking?” Sasha pushed his...

Dec 6, 2007

Surviving The Holiday Office Party…So You Can Keep Your Job

Ah, the conundrum that is holiday office parties. More often than not, the liquor is plentiful and free, everyone’s in...

Nov 8, 2007

Travel Tips for the Ill Prepared

I’m broke and lazy – are you broke and lazy? Of course you are. You’re a college student (or a...

Oct 24, 2007

Durex Looking For The Next “Condom Tester”

Frequent condom user? Getting a little tired of walking into a drugstore for “gum” and just “happening” to decide to...

Jun 16, 2007

Don’t Miss It: Beer for Bags

Okay, this might be the coolest thing I’ve seen in a good while (besides that tampon – stun gun): From...