• 15 Life Tips From Amy Poehler…in GIFs!

    The person who always does it for me is Amy Poehler. Whether she's on the big screen, her YouTube series, or TV, she can always make me crack a smile. One thing she's great at is giving advice (just check out her Ask Amy videos!).

  • Amy Poehler Continues to be Amazing [Candy Dish]

    All this tragedy makes me want to just crawl into bed, throw the covers over my head, and not come out until someone can promise me that things will be okay for a little while. Amy Poehler's web series Ask Amy has helped me feel a little bit better though.

  • OMG! A Parks & Rec, Ben and Leslie Wedding Pinterest Board

    Last week we were cordially invited to Ben and Leslie's fabulous wedding. This week we get what we were all waiting for: a Ben and Leslie Wedding Album Pinterest Board.

  • Comedy Goddess Amy Poehler Will Write First Book [Candy Dish]

    Amy got a book deal that will surely be a smidgen more insightful than Lena Dunham's first memoir which will just be copy/pasted Girls' scripts.

  • We Have The Drinking Game, But Who Will Win? [Candy Dish]

    Awards season is officially in full swing, and The Golden Globes are starting today at 8 pm EST! If you haven't heard the news, they're being hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and we couldn't be more excited!

  • Sometimes American Politicians are More Dramatic Than Reality TV Stars [Current Events Cheat Sheet]

    While you were ringing in the New Year, Congress was fighting over... well, everything. For those and other top stories of the week, read on!

  • Equal Gender Representation In Vanity Fair [The Apocalypse]

    Vanity Fair has featured 6 men and 6 of a lesser-known species called "women" on the 3 covers of its January 2013 "Comedy's New Legends" issue. This will be their first comedy issue, guest edited by Judd Apatow and featuring: Paul Rudd, Chris Rock, Ben Stiller, Jim Carey, Will Ferrell, Leslie Mann, Melissa McCarthy, Megan Fox, Kristen Wiig, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph. Equal representation of women and men in such a butch, flannel, pickle-jar opening field of work such as "making people catch a case of the giggles," has been empirically denied.

  • Best of The Ellen Show [Sundays Are For Procrastination]

    Ellen DeGeneres is one of the funniest ladies out there! I get a kick out of watching everything she does on her TV show. Whether it's interviewing celebrities, her monologues, or pulling pranks I can watch anything she does!

  • Amy Poehler Talks About Combatting Social Anxiety

    If you don't already know about Amy Poehler's "Ask Amy" series, you'll be excited to learn she has several YouTube episodes where she tackles all kinds of topics from stress to body image.

  • Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Lindsay Lohan Do the Mean Girls “Kevin G” Rap [Video]

    It's unclear just how old this video is, but I think it's safe to assume this is an oldie back from the Mean Girls days.

  • Candy Dish: Congrats, Amy Poehler!

    • Yay! Another baby for Amy Poehler! • Did Sandra Bullock's husband cheat on her? • Jesus, is everyone breaking up? • Feel happier every day. • Kate Winslet leaning on Leo? • Learn how to kiss well (or teach your man).

  • The Rival Rundown: Boston College vs. Notre Dame

    This week, we take a look at the opponents in the nation's most notorious holy war. Not the mission in Iraq, but the rivalry between BC and ND, America's premier Catholic universities. Besides giving mad props to the Pope, these two share a common interest in superior athletics, academics, and intense fan-dom.

  • Girl Crush: Amy Poehler

    Anyone who knows me know that I have a weak spot for funny people. Like, really, really ridiculously funny people. If you can't make me laugh, then I want nothing to do with you. On the flipside, if you can make me ROFL, there's a place in my heart for you. And if your name is Amy Poehler, I'll even share dessert with you (and I don't share dessert with anyone).

  • High School Movie Heaven – Part II

    A while back, the editor of this very site put out a query: "Give me a Top 10 list of your favorite High School Movies." I told her I wanted in - after all, who doesn't love to indulge in a little HS drama? So I sat down and started listing. Only I discovered that including just 10 was more impossible than winning 8 medals in one Olympic games. And I am no Michael Phelps.

  • Candy Dish: Amy Poehler’s No Tina Fey

    We heart Amy Poehler, but it seems we may be alone. What we don't heart: life without caffeine.

  • We’ll Show You Who’s Funny

    With Amy Poehler's new sitcom, Parks and Recreation, premiering this month, and Tina Fey ruling Hollywood from atop a pile of Emmys, funny women are having a moment.

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  • Amy Poehler’s Goodbye to SNL

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  • Candy Dish: Laura Bush Killed a Man?

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  • Good News For Us Funny Girls…

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  • Weekly Wrap-Up, November 14-20

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