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Turns Out Kanye Was Dead Serious About Running For President

Depending on your opinion of the rapper/designer/self-proclaimed-creative-genius, this is either going to be really good news, or really terrible news....

Sep 25, 2015

This Is The First Woman To Deliver Presidential Inaugural Invocation [Candy Dish]

Myrlie Evers-Williams is the widow of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers. Myrlie recounts meeting her husband and how he brought racial empowerment into her life.

Jan 21, 2013

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Jan 5, 2012

Who Cares About The Caucus?

If you've been on the internet at some point since Tuesday night (and if you're reading this, then yes, I'm talking to you), then you've probably read one headline or another about the Iowa Caucus. But what happens when over 120,000 votes are tallied and a candidate leads by only eight votes? Should we even care about these caucuses at all?

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Feb 21, 2011

The Weekly Ten: President for a Day

Remember (see I told you) when you were a little kid and you use to have to write those essays about what you did over summer vacation, what you wanted to be when you grew up, and oh yeah, what you would do if you were president for a day? Well, I’m finally getting around to writing mine. In honor of Presidents' Day I present to you, the top ten things I would change if I were president.

Jan 26, 2011

The State of the Union: I’m Proud to be an American

President Obama gave his second State of the Union address last night, and ooooo-weeee was it good. No matter how you feel about the man, it’s impossible to deny that his oratory skills are a huge part of what got him where he is today. In my opinion, last night’s speech didn’t disappoint.

Nov 5, 2010

Gossip Cheat Sheet: Hollywood is a Disaster

Well, we all know the big news this week was Demi Lovato's breakdown, which stirred up a lot of controversy (and not just on CC!). I would like to focus on everything else that happened this week instead of focusing on her very personal issues. We truly wish her well, and I want to respect her family's wishes to keep out of it.

Oct 25, 2010

It Gets Better

YouTube trends range from the adorable (kittens and babies, anyone?) to the grimace-worthy (FAILblog’s YouTube channel has over 1 million subscribers). Recently, though, a trend has popped up that is downright inspirational- the It Gets Better Project.

Oct 12, 2009

10 Things We Should Ban Instead Of Books

Having just "celebrated" banned books week in America, I started thinking about the importance of reading, the beauty of stories and how much books enrich all of our lives. And most of my thoughts came back to one single theme: W.T.Eff?

Feb 26, 2009

A Cautionary Tale from a College Disaster: Psst…Pass the Gossip!

Gossip and rumors are main staples on college campuses across the nation, and the website Juicy Campus (which was recently...

Feb 5, 2009

A Cautionary Tale from a College Disaster: Leadership Denied

While some colleges have a quick one-day orientation or even a simple online registration, other colleges have week-long activities ranging...

Jan 22, 2009

Candy Dish: Brad Pitt Forgot Something…

Someone heard my prayers. Does dressing alike improve a relationship? Mark McGwire’s brother plans to spill family secrets. Welcome to...

Jan 20, 2009

The Obama Term Drinking Game

There are only two things I didn’t do enough in 2008: read about Barack Obama, and drink. And, like any...

Jan 20, 2009

5 Changes We Hope Obama Will Make as President

Today, over two million people are crowded into the national mall in Washington, D.C. to witness the inauguration of our...

Jan 20, 2009

Dear President Obama: Please Don’t Mess This Up; Our Country Needs You.

Dear President Barack Obama, I know you’re just moments away from being inaugurated, but in my opinion, the Bush era...

Dec 10, 2008

Sexting – The Hottest Thing Since Phone Sex

Two Seattle high school cheerleaders have been suspended from their squad after inappropriate pictures of the girls were circulated around...

Nov 7, 2008

This Week: Decisions For The Ages

This was a week for decisions. Major decisions. And boy, did we make them. We elected Barack Obama as the...

Nov 5, 2008

Candy Dish: Christmas Angels Arrive and Janet Jackson Loses It

Victoria’s Secret Angels models are ready to spread their wings! Goodbye Michael Crichton. Kate Hudson strips in these 1950’s pin-ups...

Nov 5, 2008

First And Worst Ladies: A Yearbook

Michelle Obama is already on her way as being one of the most influential First Ladies. She played a large...

Nov 4, 2008

5 Reasons To Get To The Polls

Happy Election Day, everyone! I have been waiting for this day for four freaking years, so I can’t wait to...

Oct 30, 2008

Only 5 More Days Until The Election

The election is only 5 days away! Imagine how much our lives are going to change in the next five...

Oct 15, 2008

Project Runway Rundown: The Big Finale

Tonight was a big night with big decisions: Do I watch the presidential debate, or do I watch the highly...

Oct 15, 2008

“I’ll Use This Weapon on that Devil Horse if I Have To”

See more funny videos at Funny or Die So tonight's the big final debate at Hofstra University.  Important, right?  Really...

Oct 15, 2008

Before You Vote: Vote on the Truth, Not on your Truthiness.

While I may be one of the only people still undecided for the upcoming election, I came across something today...

Oct 10, 2008

The CC Weekly Weigh In: If I Were President…

The election is less than 4 weeks away, which, obvi, everyone knows since the campaign commercials/ mailings/ phone calls/ SNL...

Oct 10, 2008

Love Obama? Let Him Love You Back!

I love Barack Obama. LOVE him. I love his policies, I love his speeches and I love the way he...

Oct 3, 2008

So, Who Won the VP Debate?

I am so. hungover. That debate drinking game totally killed me. I woke up this morning hugging a a 40...

Sep 29, 2008

Candy Dish: Epic Fail — Brad Pitt Looks Like My Grandpa

Is that…Brad Pitt? Oh yeah, ‘peen in slow motion How the world would vote for our President Hot and Hotter...

Sep 12, 2008

Are Politicians Really “Just Like” Us?

Sarah Palin had her first interview since joining the McCain campaign last night, and McCain himself – along with Obama...