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Aug 25, 2018

Happy Birthday Blake Lively! Here Are 10 Of Her Funniest Social Media Moments

Blake Lively is as beautiful as she is hilarious. We have all loved her since The Sisterhood of the Traveling...

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Feb 8, 2016

Ryan Reynolds Net Worth 2018: How Much Is The ‘Deadpool’ Star Worth?

We can’t wait to see what the Canadian cutie does next!

Feb 1, 2016

Ryan Reynolds: 15 Sexiest Photos On The Internet

Ryan Reynolds is easily one of Hollywood’s sexiest actors.

May 14, 2015

Ryan Reynolds Shares First Photo of Baby Daughter James

These two are screaming relationship goals.

Feb 5, 2015

How 4 Celebrity Couples Should Spend Valentine’s Day

Kanye will be extra scowl-y because, after hearing that ordinary peasant men often name stars after their girlfriends, he tried to have Jupiter's name changed to "KIMBERLY."

Jan 9, 2015

Ryan Reynolds and Anna Kendrick Star in The Voices Trailer

Ryan Reynolds is really chatting up his pets in The Voices.

Apr 29, 2012

Emily Blunt and Alison Brie Are Wonderful and Adorable [Candy Dish]

We here at CC are pretty excited because we saw The Five-Year Engagement. With Jason Segel and Emily Blunt on board, it was such a great movie. The female stars of the movie, Emily Blunt and Alison Brie, recently sat down for an interview with Yourtango, proving that they are basically perfect.

Dec 6, 2011

Candy Dish: Luck of the Irish

•The Irish have the sexiest accents •When photoshopping goes too far •Jesse James doesn't really know how to stop talkingBlake and Ryan sitting in a tree... •Would you watch the movie version of SNL's 'Motherlover'? •Why family approval still matters

Sep 5, 2011

The Weekly Ten: Desert Island Necessities

I'm not sure if it's just this time of year, or if it's because I'm about to end one job (which pays my bills), but lately I just feel like I'm constantly drowning. You know, that feeling where you're just stuck underwater and you can't get up no matter how hard you try...so you just keep sinking. Taking on more things to bide the time, but in reality wishing you had less on your plate.

Sep 1, 2011

Pick Me Up: Sexy Abs

Sometimes all we need to power through a terrible day is little pick me up. Here at College Candy we're dedicated to keeping our readers happy, whatever it may take. So how about some delicious eye candy to get your day headed in the right direction? We can't think of a reason why not...

Aug 5, 2011

CollegeCandy Goes to the Change-Up Junket

When I sat down in the theater for the press screening of “ The Change-Up” I wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary. As far as I could tell the movie was going to be a nice excuse for everyone to drool and sigh over Ryan Reynolds for little over an hour, but within the first few minutes of the film and after a flash of projectile baby excrement thwarted at Jason Bateman’s face, I knew that this flick was more than just Freaky Friday with an R-rating. This film was a game changer.

Aug 2, 2011

Candy Dish: Ch Ch Ch Changes

•The best body-swap movies •How to develop your personal style5 things every college freshman needs to know •I wish I could wear shoulder pads like Olivia Wilde •Would you do sex work to pay for college? •Kings of Leon cancels their US tour •Censoring doesn't always tell the correct story

Jun 20, 2011

Candy Dish: Ooooh Yeah!

•WTF! Deep-fried kool aid exists?! •'Vampire Diaries' Stars Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder are dating •Brad Pitt is looking yummy in his new movie •A collection of our favorite hot guy gifs •How to dress like 'Skins' favorite, Effy Stonem •Watch the evolution of Ryan Reynolds' abs •A handy guide to this summer's new shows

May 26, 2011

Ryan Reynolds Doesn’t Want to Get Married Again

Single and maybe not quite ready to mingle Ryan Reynolds recently opened up to Details Magazine. When asked about his very public divorce he said, "I have not interest in dating right now. It just seems so kind of alien to me at this point ... I don't think I want to get married again."

Apr 26, 2011

Candy Dish: Don’t Just Run!

How to end things after just one date • Just a normal day for the Smith family • Well here's a flower you don't want to ever get • Get these popular summer shoes for LESS • What's so bad about a large? • This will make you laughAny movie with Ryan Reynolds gets my vote

Apr 26, 2011

10 Fit Dudes Men’s Fitness Missed

So if you're our fan of CollegeCandy on Facebook, you've most likely already seen the 25 dudes Men's Fitness' named most fit. If you haven't, here you go. (Hell, even if you already looked through that photo album 10 times, it's worth giving it another once over....You know I'm right.)

Apr 25, 2011

Dude’s List: 11 Guys That Guys Crush On

Even the guys you crush on get guy crushes. It’s just a different kind of crushing. We don’t necessarily want to be with them, we mostly want to be them. Just a preference. A lot of us can admit when a guy’s hot. We can feel the animal magnetism. We can be charmed by his charisma or attracted by his genius. Same as you.

Apr 5, 2011

Katie Couric is Out at CBS News – Send in the Replacements!

As most people know, unless you live under a rock, Katie Couric is leaving CBS. Which begs the question, who watches CBS News anyway is going to take her spot?