• The Starting Line: Freshman Halloweek Revelations

    The whiteboard outside the door, I’ve realized, is a classic college staple. It’s as college as 3 AM bedtimes, as shower shoes, as James Franco (fun fact: James Franco and I exchanged heys on campus last week). It’s soooooo college. Fortunately enough, the whiteboard outside my suite’s door right now reads this: “HALLOWEEK 2010: Let your inner Heidi Klum out...that chick’s a Halloweenoholic.”

  • The Know: Burritos for a Cause

    Of the many things we college students love, the top three for most of us are burritos, cheap food and an excuse to dress up. Chipotle obviously got that memo because they're offering all of the above… and for a good cause, no less!

  • 2010′s Most Overdone Halloween Costumes Contest

    Halloween 2010 is finally here and we're looking forward to celebrating the only national college holiday that ends with me getting stabbed in the eye by an oversized fairy wing. While we're excited to see all the awesome creative costumes, we're also dreading seeing all the cliche and uninspired pop culture costumes.

  • Halloween Drinks & Treats

    Remember the fun days when your mom prepared disgusting looking food for your favorite friends? When you had to stick your hand into a box and feel something gross like slimy spaghetti? Just because you're in college doesn't mean the childish fun has to stop.

  • The Weekly Ten: Halloween Movies You Forgot You Loved

    There are a lot of perks to experiencing Halloween as a college student, that’s a given. But remember Halloween as a little kid? When you looked forward to more than the drinking games and the slutty sexy costumes?

  • Liq-Or-Treat: Halloween Drinking Games

    We might be too old to go door-to-door and ask strangers for candy... but we're not too old to dress up as slutty versions of our favorite childhood fairy tales characters, animals, or public service workers, are we? Besides, if we're struggling to pay $49.99 for a "Sexy Bull Fighter" costume, dammit, we want to get the most bang for our buck!

  • Candy Dish: What’s Next for Lindsay Lohan?

    • It's back to rehab for dear Lilo. • 8 tricks to help you suppress that appetite. • Were these people drunk when this happened? • Halloween according to the cast of Modern Family. • The many (fabulous ways) to wear a scarf. • Truth: I am deathly afraid of what this might look like.

  • Duke It Out: Sexy for Halloween

    In the words of the immortal Mean Girls, "Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it." It's a time honored Halloween tradition for girls to put on their best 'sexy' costume and go party, right? And costume companies have certainly raised the bar on options (Sexy Elmo and Sexy Hello Kitty, really?) but is this really a good idea or are we just promoting a sexist stereotype?

  • Candy Dish: Want Something From Your Man?

    • Find out when (not how) to ask for it. • Meet Madonna's new boy man. • 7 reasons Halloween is better than Christmas. • Lilo hoping for more rehab? Things are looking up! • What's the best way to tell a guy it's your first time? • Text message flirting for beginners.

  • Candy Dish: Need a Halloween Costume?

    • Here are 10 totally unsexy costume ideas. • Levi Johnston says such smart things. • How does Ryan Kwanten get that hot bod? • Become a better dresser - a step by step guide. • ABC Family gives 'Friday Night Lights' the axe. • So, how does the Mulberry for Target line stack up?

  • Body Blog: Lovable Legs

    With Halloween looming close, it seems that most of the costumes available to us require some (or total) revealing of the leg. To achieve that toned look, try out these killer moves for some sleek quads, hammies and glutes. And there's no excuse not to - you don't even need to go to the gym to get your leg toning on.

  • Your Guide to Halloween TV

    Everyone knows that the Halloween spirit isn’t just confined to October 31st – it’s more like an entire two-week span that culminates with a huge, costume-filled celebration. (Editor's Note: Two weeks? I've been planning my costume since last November!)That being said, the best place to celebrate the earlier part of the world’s scariest holiday is… on the couch.

  • From CollegeFashion: Halloween Costumes (Under $100!) You’ll Wear Again

    Take the cash you’d usually drop on a cheaply made, mass-produced look and shop for a stylish costume that will make you stand out and that you can incorporate into your wardrobe post-pumpkin season.

  • Weekly Wrap Up: Mending My Broken Heart

    I’m probably not the only one, but this week practically landed me in the hospital. Diagnosis: Heartbreak. Courteney Cox and David Arquette. Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman. Perez Hilton and vicious gossip. Who didn’t break up!?

  • Halloween – Do It As a Group

    Group costumes are interactive, more creative than the insert Sexy in front of anything costume, (ex: sexy nurse, sexy teacher, sexy plumber, sexy firefighter, sexy scuba diver, sexy nun?), and ideal for a quality Facebook profile pic.

  • Halloween Breeds Sexism

    I’ve never been a big fan of theme parties. Just like perfectly matched outfits, to me they seem contrived, cliché, outdated. But college freshman seem to love the experience of a costume party – I too have to give props to the really creative ideas that people have come up with (although I can’t seem to recall any at the time; that’s how rare they are) but for the most part, the only theme parties that exist and thrive at college parties are characterized by sexism. With Halloween looming, this is an incredibly relevant issue.

  • Let The Halloween Countdown Begin!

    My school is famous for our Halloween debauchery. Every year literally tens of thousands of members of the under-25 crowd dress up (or down) to parade along Del Playa Drive in varying levels of consciousness. Halloween is like the senior prom of college (four years in a row).

  • 5 Ways To Fall Back Into Your Childhood this Autumn

    Finally -- summer's over! It's time for sweaters, boots, Starbucks' signature fall drinks, and for those leaves to start falling. You could spend all fall hunched over your computer working about mid-terms, or you can get in touch with your seven year old self that took time to relish the changing leaf colors, the local pumpkin patches, and of course, the cooler weather. Here are five things that you probably enjoyed during your childhood that you can still enjoy this fall.

  • 5 Halloween Costumes to Avoid at All Costs [CONTEST!]

    Halloween is just a few weeks away and it's that wonderful time of year where you put all your school work aside and brainstorm the best possible costumes. Will you go funny? Sexy? Scary? A crazy combination of all three that will either have you winning a costume contest or not allowed in any group photos all night?

  • Maxim Says the Darndest Things: October 2010 Edition

    While I've been becoming increasingly comfortable with going to my local grocery and purchasing my monthly Maxim magazine, I had a moment while buying my October edition which pushed me right back to square one. First of all, the only magazine available looked like it had been used previously in the grocery store bathroom.

  • Campus Couture: Scaachi, Ryerson University

    For someone who adores UFC, Scaachi definitely does not dress the part (though if you bought her a "Tap out" t-shirt she'd probably love you forever). The first time I was formally introduced to Scaachi, she was dressed like Jackie O. (it was Halloween), but since then I've always admired her feminine style.

  • The Morning After: Girl on Girl

    It started off like any other football Saturday: beer pong and well-done burgers on my friend's roof at 8am. Except unlike most Saturdays, I was dominating the beer pong table. By the time we had to leave for the game, I had 5 games, 7 beers and a hamburger bun under my belt. And I was drunk.