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Halloween - page 4
Oct 27, 2011

The Best Halloween Candy Ever! [Photos]

What I really love about this awesome holiday is ALL THE FREE CANDY YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON. (I mean, it was totally way more acceptable to go door-to-door begging for candy when I was five but...whatever.)

Oct 26, 2011

Candy Dish: Such a Feminist

•Ryan Gosling is very in touch with his feminine side •Inspirations to get you ready for Halloween •Wow I'd hate to be Kelly Ripa's kids after this •Your guide for getting the best meal sizes •Some very awesome and creative Halloween cupcakes •Evan Rachel Wood is a very lucky lady

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Oct 26, 2011

He Said/She Said: What His Halloween Costume Says About Him

Before you get out there and take one too many shots, inevitably resulting in an evening of bad (but oh-so-hilarious the next morning when you’re debriefing with your girlfriends) choices, read on to find out just what you’re getting yourself into. So what does his Halloween costume say about him? Allow me…

Oct 25, 2011

Candy Dish: Sister Act

•Stars who stepped out of their siblings shadowsLindsay Lohan makes great decisions •Celebrities with alter egos •We want these awesome odd goodies •Fun group Halloween costumes from your favorite shows •Stop facestalking your bf/ex/crush!

Oct 24, 2011

The Ultimate Guide to Halloween TV

One of the best parts of fall TV is the fall Halloween specials. Apparently almost on TV is going to be doing a Halloween episode this fall. Maybe there will even be a Hoarders where the woman's house is filled with candy corn and pumpkin seeds. Just kidding, her house will probably be filled with dead animals (cliche hoarder).

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Oct 24, 2011

Candy Dish: Is He Worth a Second Date?

•To second date or not, that is the question •Halloween inspiration from your favorite TV shows •13 haunted US locations to you may (or may not) want to check out •Is it just us, or do bathrooms have the best graffiti •Celebs that don't need Halloween costumes •Courtney Stodden was too slutty for Facebook, now it's pumpkin patches

Rent the Runway Look of the Week: Classing Up Halloween!

Yes, yes I know… Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it…But what should the rest of us wear? I’m not wild about sluttin’ it up in the freezing cold nights in October (brrr), or donning a Halloween outfit that draws immense attention to each slice of pizza I’ve eaten in the past year of my lovely flaws.

Celebrities LOVE Pumpkins

I carved a pumpkin a few weeks ago, not knowing that it would grow soft and moldy three days later. Carving pumpkins is my FAVORITE holiday traditions, and it seems like some celebrities love pumpkins too. When celebrities go to the pumpkin patch, they are obviously going to be photographed because it seems like there is only one pumpkin patch that celebs go to.

Oct 23, 2011

CC Beauty Live: Halloween From Your Makeup Bag

It's almost Halloween, and I can't wait! I'm not the biggest fan of the scary or paranormal, but I love the looks and excessive makeup. That's the best part of this holiday.

Oct 23, 2011

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Oct 22, 2011

Cute Celebrity Kids in Halloween Costumes! [Photos]

Celebrating college in Halloween is awesome: scary movies, pumpkin brews, hooking up with someone who’s wearing a mask and taking the walk of shame in a slutty schoolgirl/animal/occupation/insert-costume-here outfit. But here’s one great thing you’ll be missing: really adorable kids in really adorable Halloween costumes.

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Oct 22, 2011

The Girls Next Door’s Bridget: Playboy-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Some celebs design fashion lines. Former Playboy girlfriend Bridget Marquardt, who showed us on E!’s reality show The Girls Next Door that she’s always been a little different from the rest, has launched her own line of Halloween costumes.

Oct 22, 2011

5 Easy, Inexpensive, & Totally Cute Halloween Costume Ideas

Since Halloween is a little over a week away, I thought I would give you girls some last-minute Halloween costume ideas that you can put together with the stuff you probably already have! You’ll stand out from the hordes of sexy cops, sailors, and kittens, but still look totally adorable and creative!

Oct 21, 2011

Friday Faves: A Do’s and Don’ts Guide to Halloween Hook-Ups

Halloween is fun. Halloween hook-ups are fun. Waking up next to a half-zombie and realizing that your entire face is smeared with your red lipstick and his green body paint....not as fun. And although prides of strides are nothing to be embarrassed about. It is a little hard to make eye contact with people when you're wearing a sexy Mozilla Firefox costume.

Oct 19, 2011

Candy Dish: Boo, You Whore

  • Sexy Halloween costumes done right.
  • Even super hot male models are insecure with their bodies.
  • Emma Watson is the perfect Hermione. JK Rowling says so.
  • True Life: I Was an Extra on SVU
  • How to dress for the library without looking like a hobo (and still be comfy).
  • New relationships burn calories. Do you really want to debate this fact?
  • Oct 19, 2011

    Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes [Photos]

    Celebrities are notorious for going all-out on costumes for parties. So by the time Halloween rolls around, it's game on. They get seriously extravagant. They have money to burn so they get crazy. I love watching celebs dress up in clever costumes versus getting super slutty sexified. It's a nice change to see that they have a sense of humor instead of just showing their assets.

    Oct 18, 2011

    In Defense of Slutty Halloween Costumes

    In the wise words of Cady Heron, “In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” Amen. Now bring on the lingerie, fish nets, and bunny ears.

    Oct 17, 2011

    Couples Halloween Costumes

    What's more fun than getting creative with your boo and dressing up for Halloween together? Instead of going as a slutty bumblebee while your man dons something obscure (and thinks is really funny), try making up a couple costume.

    Oct 17, 2011

    Candy Dish: The Kids Are Even Better

    •Who should be in 'The Kids are Alright' TV show? •Celebs do the slutty costume thing too •We need to see this movie, just for the eye candy alone •How Ryan Gosling went from creepy to leading man •13 places to hide your sex toys •The greatest female movie villains •Haven't you always wanted to see a live birth?!

    Oct 17, 2011

    The Weekly Ten: My Hipster Halloween

    My original plan, for this year, was to be Ruth from "Hey Arnold." It fits my obscure rule: The more times I can scoff and say "What, you don't know who I am?" the better. And when I find someone who does know who I am...well, we become best friends for the night. Then I found a pretty dress so I'm being a fairy...I know. So as inspiration for the rest of you go-all-outters for Halloween here are my ten favorite dorky-hipster-internet themed costumes.

    Oct 11, 2011

    10 Costumes You’ll See at Halloween Parties this Year

    The best part of Halloween is the duplicates - the four girls dressed like Snooki, the Lady Gaga twins - and the second best part is being able to identify every costume in the basement of a Frat House before you even ask anybody. Every year, people love to dress up like the biggest newsmakers and so, we should all prepare ourselves for the tasteless, the creepy, and the funny.

    Oct 11, 2011

    Candy Dish: Paula’s Getting Frisky

    •Guess which TV host Paula Deen flirted with •Um...what's going on with Beyonce's bump? •How to dress like a celeb for Halloween •Celebrities who can thank Youtube for their stardom •When you always fall for the bad boy •Pulling off statement ankle boots •Whoa...there's a restaurant based on Alice in Wonderland

    Oct 10, 2011

    Candy Dish: The Middleton Story

    •The Middleton sisters get the True Hollywood treatment •Our favorite ridiculously good looking male model returned! •Money saving tricks for Halloween costumes •It may be a while before Lady Gaga becomes a mother •Non-traditional ways to meet new guys •What shoe style are you? •Nothing like some hot wizards

    Oct 10, 2011

    Candy Dish: Mean Girl Love

    •Why Amanda Seyfried will always be our favorite mean girl •Halloween inspired dates for this month •Still stumped for Halloween?  We got you covered •Why you won't see any babies from this Kardashian in the near future •We need this calendar in our lives •Good news Netflix users: more shows are actually coming! •The hot guys of the new fall TV shows

    Oct 8, 2011

    10 Cute Halloween Costume Ideas for Any Budget

    Halloween is right around the corner, and if you’re like me, you’ve probably been thinking about what costume you’re going to wear. If you don’t have any Halloween costume ideas yet, or just want something easy and inexpensive, this list is for you.

    Oct 7, 2011

    Friday Faves: I Hate Halloween, Yeah I Said It

    Are you ready for a little honesty? Are you prepared to hear something that will shock you? Most people aren't. So make sure you're sitting down, because odds are that you'll disagree with me.

    Oct 7, 2011

    Candy Dish: The New Mother Monster

    •Who should play Lady Gaga? •Celebs who celebrate Halloween all year long •Sexist thoughts passed down...through the mother?! •We heart sexy movie politiciansRobert Downey Jr. adds another franchise •Taylor Lautner is everywhere these days •5 Ways to recategorize sex

    Oct 4, 2011

    Candy Dish: The Couple That Dresses Together…

    •What does your couples Halloween costume say about your relationship •How to make it through class when you're sick •Guess which celeb couple recently split? •Would you wear pink pants? •Celebrities have very dirty mouths •Our favorite celebrities, then and now •Um what?! Male Australian beetles are choosing beer bottles over female beetles

    Sep 26, 2011

    Candy Dish: Who’s Behind the Wings?

    •Do you recognize this business mogul? •What do you think of the Catwoman costume?? •Celebrities that are real life Medusas •Who doesn't love a rapping Betty White (answer: people who hate puppies) •Welcome to the US of A, Prince Harry •We just can't get enough of the 60s fashion trend •Whoa...scientists can now make movies from images in your mind!

    Sep 19, 2011

    The Weekly Ten: Falling for Fall

    I should be rejoicing that the 80 degree days are extending past labor day. Instead I'm left wishing the leaves would start changing, hoping that my pants can move back to the front of my closet, and even wearing sweaters to try to force the hot weather out. Maybe it's the overload of pumpkin spice lattes (my new legal drug addiction) but I am lusting after fall this year.

    Feb 6, 2011

    Morning After: Laptop Lemonade

    I consider myself a pretty honest person, I'm no Mother Theresa, but I don't lie, especially to authority figures and people I need things from. Back in my sophomore year, I didn't exactly live up to this creed and it came back to kick my butt. Hard.

    Oct 31, 2010

    The Morning After: Halloween of Horrors

    Freshman year Halloween. Is there anything scarier? I’m not talking about the orange and black jello shots or the DIY strobe lights and dry ice combo favored among frat house basements. No, the part that caused me to break out in a cold sweat and goosebumps was the daunting task of selecting the perfect costume.

    Oct 31, 2010

    Intro to Cooking: Hangover Helpers!

    As you're reading this, you're probably shifting back and forth between Internet Explorer and iTunes as you queue up another power hour for you and the girls, as you get ready for this blessed day of most outlandish makeup and dress, Halloween. However, tomorrow morning, reality will set in. It breaks my heart, but you will discover you are not actually Lady Gaga, and you do have a term paper due on Friday.

    Oct 31, 2010

    CC Beauty Live: Trick and Treat Your Skin

    Oh Hallow's Eve, such a wonderful time of the year! Unfortunately, with the candy, costumes and cocktails comes a few less glorious things: