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Jul 24, 2015

I Gave Up Texting for a Week & Here’s What Happened

Everyone has been there: you go on your phone only to find that see no one has messaged you, and you suddenly feel sad and sorry for yourself.

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Jul 18, 2015

Midnight Texts From Guys That Can Only Mean One Thing

We’ve all been there before: You had a wild night out and gave some dude your number and he almost...

Jun 26, 2015

How To Scare A Guy Away Via Text In 10 Easy Steps

Nothing says, "I'm interested" like a "yeah ha" response.

Jun 18, 2015

It’s Official: Texting Lanes Are Actually A Thing, And It’s Genius

A fast lane. A slow lane. And a realllyyyy slow lane.

Jun 15, 2015

10 Reasons Why Texting Is The Absolute WORST Part About Dating

Her: Okay, I'm going to wait 12 minutes to text him back. Me: I think more like 9.

May 28, 2015

38 New Emoji Are Coming Next Year For Your Texting Pleasure

20. Nauseated face (We needed a hangover indicator!)

May 21, 2015

Triumphs & Struggles of Group Chat Texting

Texting in group chats is basically sink or swim.

Apr 2, 2015

10 Biggest Texting Turn Offs (That Are Practically Begging For No Response)

Even if *you’re* sending a quick flirty text, remember that *your* spelling and grammar matters.

Jan 15, 2015

19 Ways You Overanalyze Texting a Guy

Should I use two exclamation points? Or does that seem like I'm too excited?

Jul 16, 2013

Waiting For Your Crush to Text You Is a Lot Like This…

The only thing more frustrating than dating in the 21st century is texting in the 21st century. Especially when the person you are texting is your crush.

May 29, 2013

Brace Yourself for Some Tough Love: Here’s What His Texts Really Mean

When you have a crush on someone everything they do is a sign. His texts aren't just text. They mean something.

Feb 22, 2013

Heyyyy!! Why Are We Texting All Crazzzyy Likee?

After reading this study, I actually felt really exposed because I was guilty of, like, every single thing they mentioned! It's really odd seeing behavior you totally know you possess being analyzed right in front of you.

Feb 18, 2013

Has Texting Improved or Ruined Dating? [Ask A Dude]

Dating is a dance and texting is a brand new routine. You modify some old moves but you’re also creating new ones. The results are mostly the same and based on the same fundamentals, timing and rhythm included. But while the benefits are great, the burns are more severe.

Jan 1, 2013

No Texting, No Exceptions: Week Four [One Month Challenge]

I gave up texting for December, and I didn’t become a better person. I didn’t feel relieved and cleansed. I didn’t decide to give up texting forever. I did learn something, though.

Dec 16, 2012

No Texting, No Exceptions: Week Two [One Month Challenge]

It’s interesting what you’re willing to share when there won’t be a record of it. I called a boy, and I told him he hurt me. I told him he embarrassed me, he made a fool out of me.

Dec 8, 2012

No Texting, No Exceptions: Week One [One Month Challenge]

On December 1, I swore off texting. I figured giving up texting meant I would spend more time on the phone. What it actually did was make me crafty.

Nov 15, 2012

Why He Hasn’t Called You Back

You ask yourself if maybe he lost your number or broke his phone or if you had food in your teeth the whole night and he thought you weren't playing with a full set of pearly whites. Any of these are completely likely scenarios, right!?

Oct 17, 2012

Why Do Guys Take So Long To Text Back? [Ask A Dude]

I'm not looking for volumes of prose sent via SMS, but a semi-prompt answer to my "Wanna catch a movie Friday?" invitation would be swell.

Sep 1, 2012

Communication Mediums Ranked: From Face Time To Pokes

As someone who spends her days studying communciations, I've spent a lot of time contemplating the ways we get in touch with one another. It used to be simple. A phone call here, meeting for coffee there. Maybe an e-mail or an AIM chat if you were feeling adventurous.

Jul 31, 2012

Let Your Texting Skills Snag You a Relationship

I'm sure we've all been there before, waiting and waiting and waiting to receive that text, freaking out over how much time we should take to answer back, then of course, wondering what ON EARTH we could even say back that's quirky, cute and interesting.

Mar 5, 2012

Dude’s List: 11 Things Women Should NOT Give Up For Lent

Being as this is the season of Lent, when good Catholic boys and girls are sacrificing one of their favorite luxuries for 40 days, I started to wonder, how productive an idea is this for the 21st century? I’m all for penance, don’t get me wrong, love me some BDSM, but while you can give up certain things, are their ones that you shouldn’t give up?

Feb 11, 2012

Virtual Relationships Are the New IRL

You wake up. You reach over to your bedside table, grab your ringing phone and click the dismiss button to stop the alarm. Phone still in hand, you rub your left eye, but leave the right one open and peek at the device in your palm. Eleven new emails and four texts.

Jan 11, 2012

Tips for Texting Etiquette

Recently, the New York Times ran an article along with a funny short film about the dangers of texting and walking. Oops, guilty as charged. Their solution? Stand out of the way with your back to the wall if you need to send a text. This is a great start, but there are a few more things you should remember when texting...

Oct 30, 2011

When it’s Okay (and NOT Okay) to Text

As a certified 21st century girl, I love all forms of "e" (or "i" for all you Mac geeks) communication. Email, IM, tweeting, texting- they're all great ways to stay connected, so why are movie theaters, schools and other public places getting so strict about them?

Oct 8, 2011

Sidekicks Aren’t Just For Superheroes: A Phone Review

We all remember seeing pictures of Paris Hilton at a club texting on her pink, bedazzled T-Mobile Sidekick phone. Well just as Paris Hilton has changed (her hair is longer), so has the T-Mobile Sidekick.

Aug 31, 2011

When Flirting Becomes Stalking

It's summer. There's a bonfire. You look fabulous in your bikini. You've had a drink (or two... or three...). And that guy is hot. And you just want him to notice you and become your cabana boy for the next three months. It happens. But there is a very thin line between flirty and creepy.