Feb 21, 2015

A Victoria’s Secret Angel Is Giving Up Her Wings

Victoria's Secret heaven has lost one of her angels.

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Feb 12, 2013

Beyonce Covers Vogue, Looks Cute [Candy Dish]

Beyonce covers Vogue in the midst of her plan for world domination. She doesn't reveal anything crazy like that temperature-controlled, vault of all her interviews and photos but she does dish on motherhood and gossip.

Jan 17, 2013

Vogue Does A Hurricane Sandy Photo Shoot, Probably Offensive [Sugar Binge]

Vogue decided to do a Sandy Hook themed photo shoot featuring models decked out in couture amongst wreckage, hospitals and emergency services. It feels a bit in poor taste.

Nov 1, 2012

Would You Go to the Strip Club With Your Boyfriend? [Candy Dish]

In a relationship, you always want to keep impressing your partner. Being a little unpredictable is one thing, but have you ever considered going to a strip club to be a "cool" girlfriend?

Jul 17, 2012

Teen Vogue, Seventeen & Teen Crusaders [Sex in the News]

There's a lot of criticism about fashion magazines and how they impact teenage girls. There can be excessive photoshopping, and the industry favours stick-thin models that reflect an idea of 'perfect' that is pretty impossible to achieve.

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Apr 11, 2012

Shoes For Prom and Formal You Can Actually Afford

Teen Vogue has a slideshow on their site right now of "100 party-ready heels for prom." Even though we're well past our prom days, we still love a good pair of heels – whether we're heading to a formal, going out, or just because. But after a few clicks, we discovered that Teen Vogue's picks are way out of our price range. Check out the affordable alternatives we found to Teen Vogue's pricey picks.

Candy Dish: Are You a Man Eater?

• Are you a man eater?! • Check out JWoww before The Jersey Shore. • 9 Facebook updates you just can't avoid. • Sleepy puppies are too cute for words. • 3 yummy mocktails for a sober summer. • Vogue does sunglasses. And they do them well.

Aug 5, 2010

Makeup 101: Fall Scent Preview

Upon receiving my September Vogue, I settled in with my 587-page magazine to read about the excitement of the fall fashion world. The only problem being that the magazine’s actual writing doesn’t begin until page 207 (no joke). Luckily, the beautiful ads for Oscar de la Renta, David Yurman and Diane von Furstenberg are more exciting than words could have described

Candy Dish: Lauren Conrad “Writes” A Book

• Pretty sure she had some help with this dribble. • Are you wasting your time at the gym?Nikon is racist. • Is Audrina Partridge boning the hottie from Star Trek? • Britney spends a lot of money. Like, a LOT. • Jazzhands! • Are women pushovers when it comes to sex?

May 18, 2009

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May 18, 2009

Candy Dish: Obama’s Advice to Notre Dame

• What did Obama have to say to the Fighting Irish? • OMGee. There is a Paris Hilton documentary. • Jennifer Hudson forgives. • The best health and fitness products of the year. • LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are at it again. • Cameron Diaz has a really rough life.

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May 4, 2009

Wardrobe Wish List: Steve Madden Intyce Boots

So I know that it's almost summer (finally!) and we've all been parading around campus in our flip flops, but these Steven by Steve Madden boots are just too cute to pass up simply because of the changing climate.

Mar 30, 2009

The Best Summer Internships Out There

Internships are a vital part to landing a job after college and with this increasingly competitive job market and a failing economy, we can use all the advantages we can get.

Mar 19, 2009

Girl Crush: Kate Hudson

My feelings for Kate began to blossom the first time I saw her in Almost Famous and now it's a full-blown love affair. She has it all: beauty, talent and that precious boy, Ryder Robinson.

Jan 28, 2009

The 5 Questions We Ask Everyone: Celebrity Hair Stylist, Harry Josh

If it’s one thing we’ve learned here at CC, it’s that all people are fascinating (Yes, even your econ professor)....

Jan 7, 2009

Behind Every Great Man…

As I’m sure all you Yankees fans are already aware, Mark Teixeira has just signed on to join the New...

Jan 5, 2009

Style Idol: From The Hills to The City, Wonderful Whitney

My style idol this week got her “start” on one of the most popular reality series on TV (The Hills)...

Nov 12, 2008

Hollywood Cat Fights

As a woman, I know we have a tendency to be rather catty at times. I’m not sure if it...

Nov 7, 2008

Candy Dish: Sex Sells and Music Heals

Bring the spa to you… who wouldn’t love spa treatments in your own home?! Embracing your sexuality is…well, sexy! World’s...

Aug 27, 2008

Dorm Room Decorating 101

A newly-decorated dorm wall–for cheap! Alright girls, it’s now officially Back To School Season. Does the thought of dorm décor...

Aug 1, 2008

Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Jessica Simpson and the Red Wrap Dress

Let’s face it, when you’re a college chic on a budget it’s hard enough to afford the actual fashion and...

Jul 18, 2008

The CC Weekly Weigh In: What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

We all have our weird habits. And we have all learned throughout our lives that it is best to keep...

May 23, 2008

Go, Go, Go and Grab up the Latest GO International Designer from Target

In its continuous quest to provide us average folk with fashionable duds for those ever-so-reasonable Tarjay prices, Target has teamed...

Apr 4, 2008

The Hills: A Two for One Special

[Yes, LC, we realize this Hills update is late. No need to make that “holding corn chips incredulously” move of...

Mar 25, 2008

The Hills: From Paris, With Love

Last night was the season premiere of The Hills and all I can say is, wow. I have been counting...

Mar 10, 2008

The Infestation and Plight of Young Hollywood

A recent CollegeCandy Poll showed that a lot of you are pretty disgusted with young Hollywood. Understandably so. It’s easy...

Dec 31, 2007

How Your Apartment Proves You’re Single and Unlaid

It’s usually pretty easy to tell if a guy is single from his apartment. You’ve got the typical underwear out...

Nov 6, 2007

The Hills: Happy Birthday Heidi

Considering that every episode of The Hills includes Heidi drinking at some Hollywood hot-spot, it came as quite a surprise...

Oct 23, 2007

The Hills: Spencer Hates Jobs

I hate Heidi. Everything about her from her fake face/boobs to her super shiny and bouncy blonde hair. Oh, and...

Oct 2, 2007

Trend Watch: The CW Makes Shopping a Snap!

Getting fashion inspiration from TV and movies is nothing new. I can remember riding my bike around my neighborhood during...

Oct 1, 2007

Trend Watch: Stirrup Pants

Call me crazy, but once I caught wind that stirrup pants are back in vogue I squirmed a little in...

Sep 19, 2007

Sibling Rivalry: Do Guys Care About Fashion Week?

Sibling Rivarly is back! During this week’s blog, I torture the Bro with fashion questions, ask what he thinks of...

Sep 17, 2007

Lauren Conrad to Get Richer by Selling Awful Clothes

MTV has gone above and beyond lame by giving Lauren Conrad her own fashion line—and making it expensive as hell....

Sep 13, 2007

She Told Me to Wear Stilettos and I Said: No, No, No

I have tried to walk in high heels my whole life. Even playing dress up with my mom’s clothes, I...

Sep 12, 2007

Cologne Gets Slutty–What a Concept

Tom Ford, the wunderkind designer who saved Gucci from going bankrupt way back when, is credited as being one of...

Aug 30, 2007

The Eco Chic Get Tote-ally Crazy

Being green ain’t easy. Recycling, environmentally friendly beauty products, eco clothing, you have to think about this shit. And in...