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    Jun 18, 2020

    10 Ulta Beauty Collection Products You Need To Try

    More often than not, store-name makeup brands are pushed aside in favor of more well-known brands. In reality, these store-name brands have products that are just as good, if not better, than some other makeup brands.

    Jun 17, 2020

    What You Need To Know Before Watching “Love, Victor”

    The new TV series "Love, Victor" was released on Hulu on June 17th. Before diving into Victor's story, what do you need to know about the world he lives in?

    Jun 15, 2020

    Colourpop’s New Collection Is To Dye For

    Colourpop Cosmetics has finally dropped their first makeup collection since March, and it certainly lives up to the hype. Featuring dreamy pastels, the Tie-Dye Collection is an extremely strong re-entry for the brand.

    10 Eco-Conscious Brands To Introduce Into Your Wardrobe

    For many people, being environmentally conscious is just as important as being trendy. What are the best places to shop that will keep you looking fresh while satisfying your conscience?

    Jun 12, 2020

    Top 10 LGBTQ Novels To Read During Pride Month

    Inclusivity is always a hot topic in any media, literature being no different. In honor of Pride Month, let's take a look at ten queer stories that celebrate the LGBTQ+ community unapologetically.

    Jun 9, 2020

    7 Musical Soundtracks Everyone Should Listen To Today

    Experiencing a musical in person is a magical moment, but is not accessible to everyone. Musical soundtracks, however, can recreate that same magic in your own home. Here are the best soundtracks to indulge in.

    Jun 9, 2020

      Jun 9, 2020

      Top 6 TV Shows For Every Fashion Lover (2020)

      The world of fashion is immense, and it's no surprise there are dozens of tv shows out there about it. But what are the best ones that everyone who loves fashion should watch?

      Jun 8, 2020

      6 Best Books Series For When You Need To Escape Reality

      Sometimes, real-life just doesn't cut it. Everyone has daydreams about escaping to a fictional world one can only imagine. Books offer an easy way for us to escape our mundane lives and follow those with more excitement.

      Jun 4, 2020

      How To Curate An Influencer-Style Instagram

      Ever wonder how beauty and fashion influencers manage to keep their Instagram pages so clean yet so popular? It's super simple so much so that anyone can do it!

      Jun 3, 2020

      5 Subscription Products Everyone Should Try At Least Once

      Product subscriptions are a great way to refresh your life every now and then without hassle. Let's take a look at five subscriptions- from beauty to healthcare- that everyone should try at least once in their life.

      Jun 3, 2020

      Here Is Why You Should Read “The Conscious Closet”

      Elizabeth Cline's book "The Conscious Closet", which details the truth of the fashion industry, is something everyone needs to read if you're remotely into fashion.

      May 28, 2020

      Top 8 Smartphone Apps Every Fashionista Needs

      Looking to turn your phone into a handy fashion assistant? Here are the top apps that you need to do just that.

      May 27, 2020

      Christian Siriano Partner 2020: Who is Christian Dating Now?

      Christian Siriano is renowned for his inclusive yet glamourous designs, but who is in his life when he's not creating the next big runway hit?