• Student Says Professor Lowered Her Grades Because She Is A Stripper

    "I was asking for a recommendation and he asked me what I did, I thought he was a great guy I thought we had a really good rapport, and I told him, and after that my grades immediately went down."

  • 13 Totally Bonkers Sexual Misconceptions From Reddit

    In sixth grade, a boy in my class, obviously unfamiliar with the female anatomy, thought that boys were shat out through the anus. The same dude asked questions about micropenises, which made us all crack up."

  • Science Says Sex Makes You Smarter, Have A Smartgasm, Ladies

    Great news for us all. Alert the major religions, nosey parents and sex ed. counselors!

  • Everyone’s Kink Is Boring To Me These Days [Sexy Time]

    I've accidentally become a pro bono therapist/life coach to people in my life because I can listen to any of their problems and generally keep a poker face and I can easily offer non-judgmental sentiments.

  • Help! My Boyfriend Wants to Have Sex All The Time! How Do I Get Him to Chill Out?

    We love our boyfriends, but when they get a little too demanding about wanting sex. There might be a problem there.

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    Here are some places that you can, should, and should aspire to have sex at, in, or possibly on top of.

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    The element of surprise is not always fun, you know?

  • I’m Having a Sexual Existential Crisis – Thanks, Tumblr [Sexy Time]

    I can't help but wonder how brainwashed I've been and whether or not my preferences are really my preferences or if I've just mindlessly accepted things because it was easy.

  • Highly Embarrassing Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Have Sex

    Sometimes sex just isn't on the itinerary for the night.

  • 14 Places You Must NEVER Have Sex [Dude's List]

    You can feel free to disagree with me but I’ll be happy to poke holes in your theories…that sounded a little naughtier than I meant it to.

  • How To Initiate Sex When You’re A Woman [Sexy Time]

    Initiating can be a daunting task, but it's actually really simple. The worst case scenario isn't that terrible, and the potential payoff is pretty amazing.

  • In Defense of Being Uptight [Sexy Time]

    Women are often socialized to be flexible, passive, and basically total pushovers. We're expected to put everyone before ourselves because that's the feminine and nurturing thing to do.

  • My Boyfriend Wanted To Have A Threesome With A Guy But He Said “No Asians”

    What if a little Asian swag is exactly what will do the trick?

  • 3 Ways To Deal With Being Confronted With a Kink You’re Not Into [Sexy Time]

    Being able to navigate awkward conversations with your partner is a really important skill. It takes courage to open up about fantasies and being sympathetic and not freaking out when someone reveals something you find unappealing is key to diminishing the awkwardness.

  • Science Reveals the Sexiest…And LEAST Sexy Body Parts

    A total of 41 erogenous zones on 800 male and female subjects were ranked in order of the order of their sexual arousal levels. Making an appearance on the list of spots of arousal were shoulder blades, ears, inner thighs and lips.

  • 4 Epic Sex Lessons You Need to Learn In Your Twenties!

    Now I'm sure we've all come to terms with the fact that life isn't like the movies, and those hot moves and that crazy confidence you've seen in almost every HBO drama is a lot harder to pull off than one would imagine.

  • Study Says, Women Would Rather Be Sexless Than Old Looking

    Why are women saying that they would give up sex (?!!!) if it could make them younger looking?

  • I Can’t Bring My BF to the Big O [Sexy Time]

    Tons of women have awkward stories about guys who were definitely sprinters as opposed to marathoners. But there's an inverse to this problem - the guy who can't or doesn't come in a timely fashion.

  • Here’s a Huge List of Things You Should Consider Before Sleeping With Someone

    Haven't you seen "Catch and Release" where Jennifer Garner asks Timothy Olyphant his mother's maiden name after they do the deed? If Jennifer Garner swears by this rule, and she's no ho, then it must hold some water.

  • I Had To Give Up One of My Favorite Sex Acts [Sexy Time]

    It's definitely a tiny bit heartbreaking when something that brings you pleasure ultimately doesn't agree with you.

  • Is a ‘Friends With Benefits’ Buddy Really Worth It?

    Let's just pretend for a second that Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake were in an actual, realistic version of friends with benefits. Would they seriously fall in love in the end and be all ridiculously good looking while doing it? NO!

  • 5 Things I’d Do If I Were Single [Sexy Time]

    I love having a boyfriend. I love the stability. I love the comfort. I love the support and the casual movie nights and the snuggles and all of that great stuff. But, on occasion, I do daydream about what it would be like to be single.

  • Marvel and Avengers Themed Dildos: Would You Use These? [NSFW]

    Alas, the day has come, and I haven't a shred of editorial modesty left.

  • “Blurred Lines” Annoys Me, But Probably Not Why You Think [Sexy Time]

    After two decades of listening to pop music, I'm increasingly desensitized to the grimy messages that are perpetuated. That said, what irks me about the song is the delineation between "good girls" and "girls who openly love sex."

  • HBO Viewers Demand To See More Penis, Man Butts, Testes, Etc.

    One group of ladies feel like there is a simple solution to HBO's sexism: more Ds.