Marianna Rappa

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    May 27, 2020

    HBO Max Releases & Original Titles Coming June 2020

    On May 27th, HBO released its new streaming service called HBO Max. The launch promises 10,000 hours of streaming content...

    May 22, 2020

    The 4 Things You Can Do On Memorial Day In Quarantine

    Today, Friday, May 22nd starts the beginning of Memorial Day Weekend and for many, that means staying inside and following...

    May 22, 2020

    Harvey Milk Day – Celebrating The Life and Legacy

    Today, we honor Harvey Milk, one of the first openly gay elected officials in the United States, who was brutally...

    It’s Worldwide Meditation Day – Don’t Forget To Breathe

    Today, May 22, 2020, is Worldwide Meditation Day. It is a chance for anyone to put themselves in a calm...

    May 22, 2020

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Redd Scamming: Must-See Details

    During Covid-19, Animal Crossing New Horizons has become one of the biggest games on the market. It has sold a...

    May 20, 2020

    Mental Awareness Week: 4 Ways How to Be Kind to Yourself

    As COVID-19 left many trapped in their homes and feeling alone, many people have been struggling with keeping themselves sane....

    May 20, 2020

      May 18, 2020

      Salice Rose Girlfriend 2020: Who is Salice Dating Now?

      With over 13.6 million followers and fans online, Salice Rose is a 25-year-old bisexual influencer best known for her passions...